Friday, February 25, 2005

A walkway in Suzhou

A walkway in Suzhou, originally uploaded by Bernard Yong.



You heard me. Bicycles! :)

This photo was taken during a recent business trip to China, and as you can see, they have quite a number of *ahem* bicycles there.

Dont get me wrong though, I'm not saying China is some backwards place where people shy away from anything remotely resembling an automobile (oh boy, far from it). I'm merely stating that China has a dizzying number of bicycled-people as compared to where I come from (then again, China has a huge number of EVERYTHING compared to Malaysia...hahah).

Ok, moving on to my first impressions of China.

Firstly, the people there are mad drivers. Bloody mad I tell you. They make the drivers in KL look like fluffy lil' bunnies in comparison!

Secondly, the weather there is really nice. Then again, maybe thats because I went there during the right season. Ah well, who doesnt love 14-18 degree weather rite? :)

Thirdly, places like Shanghai are freakin, massively impressive! The number of high rises they have there is mind boggling. Plus, they have the largest ferris wheel I have EVER seen! I really think that if you were to lay the ferris wheel flat on the ground, you could organize your very own NASCAR oval-style races in it. Serious.

Fourthly, the night life in Shanghai is amazing. Few of the bars I went to were jam packed, with people merrily josstling each other as they battled for place on the thumping dance floors, all the while waving their jugs of beer dangerously in the air. Sounds a lot like Malaysia eh ;)

Last of all, without sounding like I'm anti-fat or anything, I cant help but point out that most (I'm talking like 99.99%) of the girls in China are really slim! You'd be hard pressed to find a generously proportioned lass even if you searched far and wide (no pun intended).

In fact, I noticed that a lot of the females in China had exceptionally slim thighs with fit ...ermm... posteriors. Its enough to make you wonder why....

Which brings us back to my first statement....

Bicycles ;)


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