Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Playstation and Old Geezers

Ok, hands up those of you who have played 'Leisure Suit Larry - Land of the Lounge Lizards' on the old IBM XT.

Hmm, I count a grand total of 3 raised hands...and one of them is of an elderly geezer with dentures, in a walker. Darn, I feel old.

Oh well, age aside, I'm truly grateful to have been around during the dawn of video and computer games (and all you diaper-wearing gamers, stop snickering at the back!!).

Back then, games could display a gob-smacking total of TWO colours on screen at once!...oooooh! (to the unintiated, those colours were black and white, duh!). I mean, just compare that to the games nowadays with their gazillions of colours, and their fancy-schmancy lighting effects, physics engines and what-not. Its enough to make an old geezer weep for joy.

Us videogamer are a lucky lot, seriously. Where we previously had to contend with the above mentioned crappy colour pallete, blocky graphics and text-based inputs (yup, the GUI wasnt invented back then)....we now have the luxury of sooper-dooper high-res graphics, 5.1 surround sound, and high-tech gaming machines which can mow our lawns, fetch our newspapers and make us breakfast while at it (did I mention they can be used to play games too?).

BUTTTTTT, I still hear rumblings of discontent amongst the gaming masses. True, we have it pretty good; but we want MORE!! We want a machine which is part supercomputer, part gaming machine, part paper weight, part Angelina Jolie. A machine which can be used to electronically guide ballistic missiles across the Pacific Ocean (or to be more specific, according to rumous about Saddam Hussein using PS2's to power his arsenal of missles; across the friggin' ocean right smack-dab centre into the US of A).

To all of you power-hungry maniacs, let me just utter the 2 words which are guaranteed to send any gaming nerd into an orgasmic bliss.

"Playstation Three"

Enough said, let the wait begin....



Blogger jonkoo said...


Arrgg..shiver me timbers! Point ye this playstation 3 to me eye when ye findeth this treasure of Geek Heaven!

3:49 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

A playstation 3 in the eye? Yikes, sounds painful!

4:57 PM  
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