Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Concerto La Grande, Heal the Nation


The lights went dim, with the silhouettes of the almost three thousand strong concert goers faintly outlined against the glowing backdrop. An array of strobe lights began flashing and twirling, enveloping the entire auditorium in a swirling sea of psychedelic colours. A prayer was said, thanking God the great things He will do in this concert.

The music swelled with a crescendo, a hard edged, melodic fusion of drum beats and guitar rifts..

Bringing the crowd to its feet..

The crowd roared...

The Heal the Nation concert had just begun

A Soul Lifting Experience

The night was the first of May and almost three thousand people, young and old, braved the weather and the elements to make it for this concert. On the agenda was a night of praise and worship in rememberance of the December Tsunami.

It was to be a night of prayer, a night of Salvation, a night of Healing.


Lifting my hands as I immersed myself in the music, the experience and the presence of God; I could feel myself breaking away. Breaking away from the worries and troubles that dogged me throughout the week, away from the pitfalls and trenches of life,

Away from it all.

I was just but a single person amidst a sea of people,

but God was with me.

Make a Change

The music has faded away, the lights have come back on, and the thronging crowds have dispersed. As I left the place, I silently said a prayer and thanked God for all the lives which were touched and changed on this very night itself. Truly, something great is happening in our time and generation.

Walking out to my car, the following words served as an accompaniment to the staccato of my footsteps...

"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly,

I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky"

This truly was a night to remember



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