Thursday, May 12, 2005

Spare Me the Radical Feminist Crap

This goes out to all you hormonally challenged, Gillette-brandishing, anal-retentive neo-feminists out there. Men and Women are NOT equal!

I can just about hear all the cries of outrage and protest which are emanating from the above mentioned Neanderthal-like women.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe that everyone - old and young, black and white, purple and pink - deserves equal rights, be it with regards to the law, society or even religion. To me, every country should work towards an egalitarian society and an Apartheid-like society has no place in a time such as ours.

Men = Women = Men = Women??

So what do I mean by saying men and women are not equal?

To see what my point is, let us first define what it means to be ‘equal’. Basically, when we say two individuals are equal it means that they both come from the same background, have access to the same resources and education, are presented with the same opportunities, the same privileges and possess the same capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. See my point? Based on the above correct definition of the word equal, I surmise that it would be safe to say that NO two individuals on this earth are equal.

Let me repeat my point, I believe that as a people, we are equal (we shouldn’t be segregated based on our status, we should be treated equally in the eyes of the law and etc), but as individuals, we are NOT equal (we don’t have the same characteristics; we don’t have the same aptitudes, strengths & weaknesses and bla bla bla).

Where am I getting with all this?

Basically, I just find it really stupid when these radical feminist keep on insisting that females are able to excel in the same things as guys! They drone on and on and zzZZzzZZzz; about how females are just as capable as males in the realms of academia, science, research and development, management and basically everything else under the sun. Some of this might be true (example, I do think that females would make just as competent a manager and an academic as a male), but we shouldn’t ignore the fact that we, as male and female; are inherently different. (Guys are good at farting and making disgusting jokes, women detest it)

We are biologically different, and are wired in such a way that results in different skill sets and abilities (for example in addition to the above mentioned ‘skills’ of a guy, men have better spatial awareness, therefore we generally outperform women when it comes to things like throwing a ball, maneuvering an object and etc. Women however exhibit excellent multi-tasking abilities, making them more adept at doing multiple things at once than guys)

Why can’t we all get along

“Men are better at certain things than women. Women are better at certain things than guys”

See the above sentence? Makes sense right? The strange thing is, to a radical feminist, she’ll be so caught up with protest over the first sentence that she will basically overlook the second, equally important sentence!

The sad thing is, most of the women who whine about such things are usually of the unsuccessful, low-self esteem variety (usually sporting a beard). Trust me, you wont find successful and confident women like Oprah Winfrey, Carly Fiorina (before she was ousted from HP), and Hillary Clinton wasting their precious time with such stupid protests. These women are confident in their abilities, and they basically don’t give a rat’s arse about what other people might think about them. (they might give a goat’s arse however, but that’s a different story…hahah)

“Insecurity breeds Inferiority”

Radical feminists are basically women who are ashamed of being female, and who; under the guise of female liberation and equality; seek to become more like men!

Why can’t these women be proud of who they are? If someone says that women make excellent homemakers and caregivers, why can’t they be proud of that fact instead of complaining about how oppressive such statements are? My mother was a housewife and I have utmost respect for her intelligence, her inner strength and her excellent managerial skills (you try juggling two screaming kids, with dinner on the stove, the phone ringing AND the bill collector knocking on the front door). Most guys would share the same opinion as me. In fact, NOBODY looks down on housewives other than these so called ‘defenders of women’. Pah!

In closing

Stop trying to be like guys!! Be proud of what you are good at, take pride in the fact that women have qualities and abilities which men can never have!

I am proud to be a guy, and I don’t compare myself to women because in certain fields, I know I will be at a disadvantage. All you radical feminists out there take note.

And by the way, Gillette has a new blade called the M3Power. All you feminists take note of this too.


Blogger ::Lord Apprentice:: said...

amen brother.

before, i used to laugh whenever i saw a woman attempt reverse parking. Now i simply pity her lack of "spatial awareness"

argh! thats the word i;ve been looking for..spatial awareness

12:05 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

Parking is always a touchy subject. True, there ARE girls who can park really really well. But if you were to randomly select lets say 50 guys and 50 girls, on which group would u put your money on to have a higher percentage of lousy parkers?

Simple isnt it, even the most gung-ho feminist cant deny simple risk management strategies...hahahah.

1:41 PM  
Blogger DavidLee said...

A swing at the ladies, aye?


1:22 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

Nope, not a swing at the ladies. I have nothing against ladies, on the contrary...mmMMmmMMm!

More of a swing against radical feminism. Feminist thoughts in itself, pose no problems. Its just when some people take things one step further, and wind up becoming nothing more than ranting, raving loons.

9:16 AM  
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