Friday, July 08, 2005

Blasted Terrorists!

A Sad Day For Us All

Another day, another bomb attack on innocent civilians. We hear about it in the news so regularly that we run the risk of being desensitized towards it all. Let us, in the face of such a cowardly and barbaric attack, never lose our ability to care for our fellow men.

I truly feel for the people who were affected by this act of terrorism. That such an attack happened in London is truly shocking, but let us spare a moment's thought for all the innocent people who have died (and who are still dying even as we speak) in Iraq as a result of such attacks. Hail from a rich, advanced country, they might not ; but they deserve our compassion all the same.

I condemn the sick neanderthalic bast@rds who were responsible for carrying out this attack.

What About the Economy?

The instability brought about by such attacks will definitely hurt us all economically, and even politically for some.

Our status as a Muslim nation will certainly not be enhanced through such acts. If foreign investors start feeling jittery about investing in Muslim nations, our hard earned FDIs (Malaysia has received around USD$1.2 billion so far this year) will begin drying up, and that is definitely something we CANNOT afford.

Also, as London's stock exchange takes a nose-dive, you can expect several of the regional bourses to do the same. The European economy has already been languishing for the past few years, and this certainly won't do anything to help it get out of the rut its in. How will this affect us in Malaysia? When a country (or a region) faces a period of instability, it will most likely begin hoarding up on commodities such as, surprise surprise, oil; driving the prices up to even more stratospheric levels.

To all Malaysian motorists, it looks like high oil prices are here to stay.


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