Friday, June 24, 2005

Juvenile Ignorance

Oh The Young And Naive

I came across this post while browsing through Project Petaling Street a few days ago. Reading it got me thinking (and laughing out loud) at how simplistic some people can be. I guess when you're just a student (and I assume the author is a student, judging from the depths of his views), you can be partially forgiven for such parochial opinions.

Is this a case of 'too-much-Robert-Kiyosaki-and-not-enough-common-sense'?...hmmm.

Where do I begin...

First ofall, education IS important. While it may not guarantee you a cushy job with a seven figure salary, to say it is worthless is missing the point entirely.

Secondly, an income of RM20,000, while good, is not the be-all-and-end-all for salaries. If your life goal is just to earn a monthly salary of RM20,000, then I feel sorry for you. Open your eyes dude, there is serious money being made out there in the world.

Thirdly, how can you compare the price of a bungalow built in some outlying reserve to one that's situated in Bangsar? Haven't you ever heard of the maxim 'Location, location, LOCATION!'?

Last of all, to say that employment will never lead to riches is a bit premature. Here's a question, what do Jack Welch, Meg Whitman and Michael Eisner have in common? Yup, they are all employees. Looks like 'employment' ain't such a dirty word after all eh.

I guess I am being a bit harsh. When it comes to things like this, to each his/her own I suppose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are only 24 in the consulting line; How much do you earn? Rm2000-3000? Any hawker earns more than that! Are you earning Rm20,000 or RM200,000? A MD in listed company in Malaysia earns about RM20-30k a month. In case you don't realise, MD positions are by and large few. Work another 10 more years and lets hear your comment again dude.

A mid thirties guy in the consulting line too.

1:44 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

This is exactly what I mean. Your insistence on venting such ephermal views only goes to reinforce my notion of you being one who's unsure of his path & direction in life.

Yes, a hawker may earn more than RM10,000 a month (RM20,000 even), so what? If that's enough to fulfil you, go ahead. The fact that you are in your mid 30s, with an obviously unsatisfactory pay (judging by the way you keep insisting that working as an employee will never earn you enough)just goes to explain your bitterness with the whole notion of employment.

I am not saying that life as an employee is for everyone, neither am I saying that everyone is suited to running their own business. Everybody has their own respective strengths and weaknesses... the key is to identify what your strengths are and to find a line in which your apptitudes are put to good use. The thing, just because something doesn't work for us does not necessarily make it 'bad' and 'pointless'.

However, you say, and I quote, "employment will never make you rich", and that is just plain misguided. Just because you can't seem to move forward in your career (hence the reason for your post in the first place) doesn't mean everyone is doomed to follow suit.

Yes, I am 24 and a corporate advisor, and I make more than RM2,000-RM3,000 FYI. I am in the process of starting a business with a partner of mine (I don't fancy being an employee, but that's just me), and yes, I may not be earning a 6 figure salary, YET .....but with hard work, I know I will get there. The question is, will you?

11:59 AM  
Blogger pooh said...

With Jesus as your backup, u can never ever never ever ever and the rock says EVER go wrong. *raises an eyebrow*.

Work for Astro. Be an astronaut. Do engineering. Design cars.

Make bags of MOOLAH.

Then feed the hungry children.
And get ur multimillion dollar empire in uh.. HEAVEN.


1:31 AM  
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