Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's Black, It's White

Knights & Rooks

Awww, look at all of us standing in a row, dressed in white and black. Seriously, place the lot of us on a chequered lawn and you'll have your very own life-sized pawns (or in my case, King..*ahem*. Then again,the king is one of the weakest pieces in chess, darn it).

Props to my friend Chi Yen (the third person from the left) for providing me with this photo. Check out the rest of her pics here.

The Yap 'So-Called-Cousins'

Here's another photo from Chi Yen's collection. This time, it's of a pair of imposters who claim to be cousins, but in actual fact are as closely related to each other as a poodle is to a hair-brush (Why 'poodle' and 'hair-brush'? I don't know, they were the first things that came to mind. Yea, I know...I think scary thoughts early in the morning). Sad to say, one of these imposters is my girlfriend. Looks like I'll have to set her straight *evil cackle*

We're up again!

Woo hoo, the KLCI finally managed to break past the 900 point barrier this morning by clocking a 900.74! Alright, so it's just a measly 0.74 points above 900, but it's still cause for optimism right? It sure beats seeing it languish around the 860-880 mark, which by the way has been really disheartening for the past few months.

The strange thing is, this recent boost in the KLCI was not the result of our local blue chips' performance. Get your hands on a market report and you'll know what I mean. Major counters such as Maybank, Telekom, BAT, Tenaga, and even Resorts (Our dear ol' Uncle Lim's legacy) were categorized as the top losers in our stock market as at Thursday, June 16. Hmmm..maybe this signals a period of renaissance for the little guys eh.

Hurrah for the little guys (I hope).

As Yoda once put it, "Judge me by my size, do you?"


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