Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blasted Thieves!

Mother never teach ah??!

Somebody stole my phone from my office and I suspect it's those blasted air-con repairmen. My poor Atom, I hardly had it for more than 3 months and now it has been cruelly taken from me!

All I did was leave it on my desk while I went to my boss' room for a short meeting. I should have known better than to leave stuff lying around while there were outsiders walking about in the office. Those @%#$@$!! Why couldn't they have swiped my crappy old Samsung instead? Besides the fact that it is probably worth less than the box it came in by now, it still looks ok whut. Picky thieves....*grumble*

I hereby lay a hex on the thief who had the nerve to steal my phone. May his testes develop a severe case of gangrene and drop off into a mushy pile of rotting, gooey flesh as a result of what he did! May his kukuciau shrivel up to the size of a dried chili padi with tufts of pubic hair sprouting out from his sore covered lan tau! May he get sodomized by a pack of rabies-infected dogs while he is on his way to the hand-phone shop to fence his stolen booty! While running away from the pack of horny dogs, may he get run over by an Alam Flora truck driven by a man named Ali!

That'll teach him.



Blogger Bernice said...

Gasp, those are some serious curses there...

12:43 PM  

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