Thursday, December 14, 2006

Package Me Up Scotty

Nice or not my packaging?

After operating for a few months and with business picking up, I've decided to beautify the packaging of 3riplets' products a little bit. Using me and my partner's combined creative and artistic flair, we spent many hours painstakingly coming up with the design you see above.

Be amazed at how neatly the brown paper envelope is folded! Ogle at the calligraphy's quality! Marvel at the sheer symmetry of the 3 cellophane tapes running down the front!

Woo hoo, it's a thing of beauty!

*ahem*...Ok lah, I'm talking crap here.

The package looks exactly the same, EXCEPT...and this is a big 'except'.....

..for the cool rubber-stamped logo. Isn't it just bloody fantabulous?

It all started one day, when me and my friend sat down and talked about how we can improve the 'professionalism' of 3riplets (which btw, is our online apparel trading biz). Of course, with every grand plan, a budget has to be allocated. Due to the fact that we are both tightwads, we decided to pump in a grand total of 15 bucks for the 'Project Meng-professional-kan 3riplets'.

Needless to say, 15 bucks can't get you much BUT it can buy you a pretty nifty little rubber stamp. So with a ten and five ringgit bill clasped in our hands, we approached a nearby printing shop and gave them our requirements.

Us : "We want a rubber stamp"

Shop owner: "Cannnn"

Us: "Must got the word 3riplets wan"

Shop owner: "Cannnn"

Us: "Must be big and nice"

Shop owner: "Cannnn"

Us: "Must be around 15 bucks"

Shop owner: "!%@$@#%...kiamsiap ka xi!" (translation: stingy until can die)

It went something along those lines. Anyway, to cut a long (and boring story short), we collected the stamp after a day, brought it home and carefully removed it from its plastic prison.

Gingerly placed it on the ink pad...

..pressed it on our paper bag..

...and voila, 15 bucks of professionalism for our dear customers.

Who said running a business requires a lot of money? =)


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