Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Performing at No Black Tie

No Black Tie, 26h March 2007

My girlfriend was invited to perform at No Black Tie this Monday, and guess who tagged along as the guitarist? Yup, you guessed it.

Although my schedule has been extremely tight the past few days, weeks even....how could I pass up the chance to introduce my brand of 'guitaring' upon the hapless patrons of No Black Tie? I admit, I was a bit unsure initially as I am more used to performing together with a full band (Sighh...oh how I miss HodgePodge).

This time around it was going to be just me, Janice Yap and our guitars. No fancy amplifiers, distortion and effects pedals to mask the mistakes which I will undoubtedly make.

Hurray :P

Practice makes purr-fect

As usual, due to a combination of procrastination and an overdeveloped sense of confidence in my ability to improvise, I didn't practice all that much before the performance. It wasn't till Sunday night that I realized "Shite! The show is tomorrow and I know nuts!"

What followed were a flurry of activities revolving around Janice running through her songs and me trying to strum my guitar and pluck at em' little strings. After a few hours of fooling around with the guitar, I felt reasonably comfortable.

Not too bad whut....

Can lah.

Break a leg

On that night itself, we performed 2 sets of 35 minutes each. The manager, Evelyn, of No Black Tie basically wanted to use this session to evaluate us (and by us I mean Janice...hahah), hence the slot on a Monday night. If she likes our sound, she'll book us for more prime slots on the weekends.

Should be interesting. I definitely wouldn't mind performing there again as the acoustics of the stage was pretty darn good. Being able to hear yourself, unlike at Laundry, sure makes a helluva lot of difference.

We'll see how it goes. As of now, we've been invited to perform in Attic and Alexis as well so it should be a pretty fun next couple of months.

Here are some pics taken from the night by Nick Tay and myself. Enjoy!

(above: Janice and Sue Ling)

(above: "Hmmm...Should I go to the loo now or wait till after the show?")

(above: Bryan, Charlene, Myself and Joanne)

(above: For those of you fellows who used to frequent Boom-Boom-Room back in the 90s, I am sure you will recognize Joanne Kam Po Po. She and Janice met during one show they did together and have hit it off pretty well ever since. On the right is Llew, the dude in charge of The Attic KL. Apparently, he liked my guitaring...so he's my new best friend)

(above: Alan and his colleague)

(above: Janice Yap with Nick Tay, our in-house photographer numero uno)

(above: Here are Stevie (right) and Johann (left). Stevie was kind enough to lend me his 'girlfriend' for the night. She was excellent! She made all the right sounds, felt good in my arms, and sat snugly on my lap. Magnifique!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oitz!! Allan here...


That girl is my colleague larr... not gf.. PLEASE AMMEND!! already kena lecture from your site visitors di hahahah.... and the girl with Janice is not Sue Kheng. Its Sue Ling :p

7:25 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

Oops...my bad my bad...hahahah.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous dave said...

Very funny.

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