Saturday, March 03, 2007

My 27th Chinese New Year

I'm finally back! Yes, I know it's been almost half a month of inactivity, but I just couldn't get myself into the mood to sit down and actually type out a decent post. The Chinese New Year holidays have left me a sloth-y, blubbering heap, with no motivation to get anything done whatsoever.

I blame it on those darn CNY cookies.

Thankfully, I've managed to recover from it and am now back with a vengeance...muahahah!!

Of course, no Chinese New Year would be complete without the annual 4th day CNY bash at Janice's house. Sadly, I dont think the pig enjoyed this CNY very much though. I mean, being made to wear that gawdy pink flower on its head....tsk tsk.

The lion dance troupe performed well this year. They also had a new member in their team, a little Chinese boy who with his shaved head and shaolin style clothing, looked like something out of 'The Last Emperor'. Standing beside the beating drums and cymbals, he was intently focused on the dancing lions. Pretty cute. I didn't manage to catch him on camera, but I am sure you can picture what I'm saying.

My friend Puay Li kept staring at that little boy. Fearing that she may have developed an unhealthy fetish for little bald boys, I asked her what she was staring at.

Puay Li: I'm amazed that he can tahan the sound of the drums! He is standing so close but he doesn't seem to be affected at all...wahhhhh!

Me: Ermm...I think he's wearing ear plugs.

Puay Li: Oh.

Another annual tradition is the 'Hoarding of the Karaoke Room'. With over a hundred guests and only 3 microphones, this is a case where the swift and fleet-footed (not to mention the thick-skinned) will succeed in getting the privilege of using the Karaoke room for the night.

Unable to take the horrendous screeching anymore, Oliver frantically tried to find the mute button on the remote. Unbeknownst to him, I disabled the mute function the night before .... muahahah!

Karaoke has a way of bringing out a side of people you've never seen. Take Roy (above right) for example. He may seem like a serious dude, being an AVP in Citibank and all - but with the right songs and a microphone in his hand, he'll turn into a lean-mean singing machine faster that you can say 'blimey'.

As for Chern Yuan and Alvin, their love continues to grow stronger each year. In fact, they are even considering eloping to Khazakstan where they can spend their days cultivating potasium while twiddling with each other's nips till the sun goes down.


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