Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Shiver Me Timbers!

Life is a Rollercoaster

Take a look at the picture above, you see that squiggly line making it's way up and down the chart? No, its not the blueprint for a new kick-ass rollercoaster whose sole purpose is to detach your guts from your abdomen, rather, that line tracks the ups and downs of our dear ol' KLSE.

As you can see, it ain't doing too well at the moment, hovering around a miserable 870 points...sighhh. You can blame the lack of investor confidence, global economic uncertainty and Barney for that. (put it this way, since when was a purple dinosaur good for the economy?)

Where Do I Stash My Loot?

Seeing how lacklustre the stock market is, what other options does an investor have when it comes to investing?

Well, you can always hoard up on your cash and start a loan-sharking business. A 20% weekly interest sure sounds good doesn't it. But then again, if you're the kind who gets squeamish at the thought of:

a) chopping someone's digits off, or
b) harassing them with the heads of bloodied dead chickens,

Then this business ain't for you.

Greetings, I am Mambathu from Kathmandu and I need your help to...

Or, perhaps you can contact the relative of the Kazhakstanian (or some other remote locale) President who died in a plane crash (or in a car crash, or in a shoot-out, or as a result of an overdose of moronic-get-rich-quick e-mails) and who e-mailed you to seek your assistance in transferring a zillion dollars out of their country, for which you would get a cut...obviously.

Buy land, God ain't making any more of it

Well, you can say what you want about how real-estate prices are at a 30-year high in relation to the average income bla bla bla. But for me, for a 10 year-on-year average, my money's on good ol' mother nature.

After all, I hate handling bloodied chicken heads.


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