Monday, July 18, 2005

Amazing Times At B2B

B2B 2005 Camp at Genting Permai

My church organized a camp for the fresh graduates and young working adults (acronym of FGCC, cool huh) last weekend at Genting Permai. All in all, around 170 people attended the camp, and it was absolutely amazing! In fact, I've had so much fun that I am still knackered from the experience. In fact, I'm just gonna cobble together some pictures which I obtained from my friend's online photo album, add in some lame captions and voila, instant blog post! Enjoy!

(above : Genting Permai. A resort set amidst the lush forests and muddied, dark brown waterfalls of Genting. Ahhhhh... I can just about smell the fumes from the Express Buses trawling the twisty routes. Ok, actually the place is pretty nice. The only complaint I have is with regards to the food they serve, and by food I mean 'weird-mushy-looking-lump-thingys'. Urk!)

(above : Yo Wassup y'all! Da camp is da shitz yo! Yes, I'm the one wearing red and No, I don't look spastic all the time. Only when I feel like it.)

(above : To the guy with the red cap, "The mean bully who snatched your lollypop is right over there")

(above : The peace 'V' sign is still happening I tell ya! Its usage is not restricted to only ah lians and generals who are about to send their pilots on a bombing run in Germany**)

(above : I hereby knight thee, Sir Dan The Man. You may now rise and kiss the bride.)

(above : Look at me! I'm a little birdie! This demon possessed dude really believed he could fly if he flapped his arms fast enough.)

(above : This is what we did in our spare time. * Warning : the above picture may contain elements which are deemed disturbing to some people. Viewer discretion advised.)

(above : Here's a nice ol' Group shot.)

The End

** : For those of you who are unclear about the general and pilot bombers bit, too bad!..hahah

Note : A reminder again, you can view my friends collection of B2B photos here


Blogger ac said...

nice piccies :P ekekeke

12:34 PM  
Anonymous jxt2j said...

lmao. nice pictures.

2:10 PM  
Blogger ::Lord Apprentice:: said...

da camp is da shitz yo?

our english teacher wont be proud of such grammar.

u look spaz in all the pic's man. u spaz.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

Thanks ac and jxt2j.

lord dick-prentice : For your information, ebonics is a widely accepted and used form of communication. Our english teacher would have been so proud *sniff sniff*

You be da foo' for dissin muh rhymin jones! Biatch! :)

9:01 AM  
Blogger pooh said...

Yo homies gettin' Ghetto wit me?

Sigh. Hip-hop lingo is sure scary. If Ali G really took over the world and the UN people get drugged then its catastrophe.

But we need Motown, don't we all?

Where is the good old Texas country music?

1:26 AM  
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