Friday, July 15, 2005

Weekend Getaway

A Journey

The day draws to a close. The sun begins its slow descent beneath the horizon, dipping ever so slowly till there's naught but a sliver of gold in the air. The sky takes on an ever darkening hue, shrouding the city and its surroundings in perpetual twilight.

As I gaze out over the moon lit landscape of the city, with its looming buildings and cold, shimmery lights....I'll know that the time has come. The time has come for me to bid farewell. Farewell to all the things I hold dear, things which I can't bring with me as I begin my ascent into the mist covered peaks of the peninsular mountain range.

A journey to the majestic mountain tops. A journey which will be gruelling like no other. Miles and miles of jagged, twisting ominous tarmac lay between me and my final destination. A gauntlet which I must overcome, come what may. My body will be shakened, fatigue will set in, my resolve will be weakened. Even as an inky darkness envelops my senses, threatening to overwhelm me; I know I must persevere.

To sacrifice, is divine.


Oops, I got carried away. Alright, all the above sentences can be summarised into one.

Tonight after work, I'll be driving up to Genting for a Retreat and I'll have to be without an Internet connection for 3 days. Oh yah, and since my drive begins quite late, I'll be sleepy as well.

Make that two sentences.


Blogger ac said...

ahahahahaha :D

hero lah u, nominate u for pulitzer prize!! :D

12:12 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

What would life be without a little bit of drama to spice things up eh :)

9:16 AM  

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