Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Passionate Concert for Passionate People

Put Your Hands In The Ae-Yeah!

Alright, hands up those of you who love a good concert. Wow, beribu-ribu tangan. Well, there's good news for all you concert luvin' folks! My church is organizing a concert this weekend at the location shown in the poster above, at the date shown in the poster above and at the time shown in the poster above. A concert called 'Passion' (yup, again as shown in the poster above). Oh, and did I mention that this concert is free of charge? Yup, FOC, a Malaysian's favorite acronym.

Ahhh, I can't wait.

Wave It Like You Just Don't Cay-Yeah!

I still remember one of the recent concerts we had (the F.R.E.E concert). It was amazing, with around 1400+ people jam packed into the auditorium, singing and screaming their hearts out. The auditorium was pitch black as the doors were thrown open and the crowd began streaming in. The psychedelic neon beams from the swiveling strobe lights acted as guiding beacons, guiding the people as they made their way to the front.

Then silence.

Lights twirling and flashing.

A chorus of electronic distortions, manic drum beats and running synths began to rise in a crescendo, reverberating throughout the auditorium. The sound levels shot through the roof.

The crowd went wild.

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet..

As good as that last concert was, I know there are even greater things in store this time around. How can I begin to describe it?

You'll have to be there to believe it.



Blogger pooh said...

I liked Best Friend 1 and 2. One Flower (Yat Hwa) was AWESOME. Who can resist the Japanese eyebrows and sepet eyes?

But its been great, these concerts. Overwhelming response and the exhilirating screams from the crowd. Reminds me of the Parousia conferences
I attended when I was in my teens. Every denomination came together to worship under one Body of Christ. Ahh the Ultimate Dream.


1:46 AM  
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