Monday, August 15, 2005

God's Creation

Looked at the Sky Lately?

On my way to work this morning, I took a moment to glance at the skies and was rewarded with a sight to behold. Wisps of clouds were scattered across the morning sky, with intermittent hues of yellow and lavender fanning out as far as the eye can see. Rays of sunlight filttered down from the clouds and cast its light on the buildings and inhabitants below. Sunlight, the bringer of life. How sorely we missed it during the peak of the haze.

But now that it is back with us, we as humans tend to take it for granted eh? I know I did. Sometimes, we get to caught up with the trivial pursuits of life that we forget how to appreciate the beauty of life. Honestly, when was the last time you actually spared a few minutes to marvel and be awed by God's creation? People say they want proof of God, I saw the proof is all around us. You want proof that Leonardo Da Vinci existed? Take a look at the Mona Lisa. You want proof of a man such as Pietro Perugino? Look no further than the detailed paintings of the Sistine Chapel. Likewise, if you've ever wondered if there is a God....just open your jaded eyes and take in the wonder of His creation. Take a stroll in the woods. See how the plants sprout from insignificant seeds into majestic trees, how the birds call out to one another in their song, how the river carves an intricate path from the mountain tops to the valleys.

To The Ends Of The Earth

I was just pondering upon these things while I was driving to work. It helps keep things in perspective you know. In the eyes of eternity, what does it matter if we got that promotion? or that raise? or that house which you've been dreaming about?

As I was driving to work and thinking about this, a song was playing in the background and the lyrics went..

"Jesus I believe in You, and I would go,
To the ends of the Earth, ends of the Earth,
For You"

People increasingly focus their entire lives on things which are temporial and ephermal in nature. It's time we look up and focus on what truly matters.

After all, we only have this life to live.


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Blogger Bernice said...

very profound.

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Blogger pooh said...

In one of my past entries I mentioned this,

"The sky is God's canvas; it is the only thing that can never be polluted by men."

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