Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Haze Conspiracy?..hmmm

Feels Good To Be Back

In actual fact, I didn't go anywhere (well, physically at least...*guffaw*). It's just that I've been really busy for the past week, and my last weekend was packed to the brim. Yup, I've been too busy to blog. I can hear all you fervent bloggers out there screaming in disbelief, but it's true!... hahah.

Anyway, speaking of not going anywhere, I woke up this morning wishing I have. Confused? Let me recap how my day started this morning.

Rise and...ermm...Shine?



*ringing of alarm clock*

*sound of alarm clock being tossed out the window*

*sound of alarm clock bouncing of the concrete pavement several times before coming to a rest between my garbage bin and clothes hanger*

2 hours later...

I finally rouse from my slumber. With my arms stretched above my head...

"yawwwnnnnnnn...*cough cough* *choke*...*wheeze*.."

"What the??!"

I rushed the my window and looked out. For a second there, I almost thought that I was in Genting Highlands! Either that or my neighbourhood has just been subjected to a nyamuk aedes fogging operation which had gone terribly wrong.

Yup, the haze is upon us with a vengeance. It's just like back in 1998 when the first round of haze hit us. Or is it?...hmmm.

Conspiracy Theory

I believe that the haze is all part of a huge conspiracy to spite us humble Malaysians. Really. Sure, the Indonesian President of the Environmental watchamacallit Association publicly apologized to us, but that's just mere words!

For all we know, the Indonesians could be organising a nation-wide clam bake cum BBQ cum marshmallow roasting by the open roaring fire event even as we choke on our polluted air! Too far fetched? Not to me.

Here's something suspicious. The words INDONESIA and CYBERJAYA (the locations where peat and forest fires were reported) both contain 9 alphabets. NINE ALPHABETS! What's the significance of that? I don't know really, but it's mighty suspicious I tell ya!

Another thing, I heard that there is no haze in Singapore! To me suspicious mind, it's either because they have a stinkin huge fan on Batam Island which blows all their smoggy air towwards us, or the Singaporean government is in cahoots with the Indons!

You know what's even stranger. The word SINGAPORE has also 9 alphabets in it! Ho ho, I smell something fishy!

Either that or the haze is making me paranoid.

We Won Best Song!

Going off track slightly, my regular readers would have known that my band HodgePodge competed in the M&M Battle of the Bands 2005 Finals last week at Sunway Pyramid. Well, to all my friends who have prayed along with me and turned up in huge numbers to support my band, here's to y'all!!

Although HodgePodge didn't place amongst the top three bands, we did win the award for the best song composition for M&M. All thanks to God for seeing us through this :)

Be sure to check out The Star newspaper today ;) I heard there's a BIGGGG picture of us in it...hahah, alright, maybe not that big.


Anonymous 8dee said...

wah... those theory also can work ar....

but today newspaper shows that it will be here until freaking OCTOBER! Goshhhhh........

10:02 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

October?? That's like 2 months away! That's it, I'm gonna get myself some scuba diving gear to wear as I walk around KL.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Bernice said...

you've finally updated!!! Well, congrats are in order for your wind. I knew my good luck vibes would work... JK, all glory to God. He is amazing. I heard about the haze frm my dad. All I can say is, Haha! I don't have to deal with that halfway round the world!!!

2:09 PM  
Blogger Jessy said...

I've never seen haze as bad as this.
Once outdoor, it almost smelt like there's a fire nearby!

2:25 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

Thanks for your vibes Bernice, hahah.

The haze smells baddddd!!! :O

7:47 AM  

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