Thursday, October 20, 2005

Our National Automotive Policy

A much needed boost

The front page of The Star newspaper bore the headline 'Shifting Gears' and carried an article about the Government's new policies to boost our automotive industry. It is about time! After years of watching our local automotive industry languishing in the doldrums, it's good to see that our Government is taking the steps necessary to give it a good kick in the a$$.

Excuseeeee me

What? You don't agree that our autmotive industry is, as i put it, 'languishing in the doldrums'? Sure, our car market is the largest in Southeast Asia (although IMO, it is no big feat considering that one of our neighbours is made up of a zillion islands, which makes cars a less than ideal choice of transport; and another neighbour of ours is roughly the size of Petaling Jaya), but size alone does not a vibrant car industry make. Just look at the quality of our local automotive vendors, the quality of their products can be best described as shoddy, and at worst , as a downright load of %@$#$@^!!. Although to be fair, Proton's decision to axe 34 of its 287 vendors a while back for failing to meet quality standards deserves to be applauded.

Anyway, amongst the new policies which were introduced by the government are:
  • Phasing out of the controversial AP system. This sounds more promising than it actually is though. APs will still only be given to bumi controlled companies, but only this time around they can be given directly to public listed companies without the need for bumi intermediaries. Is this a case of 'Out of the left pocket and into the right'?
  • The setting up of an Industrial Adjustment Fund. This fund basically gives our local car manufaturers and assemblers matching grants for the purchase of new machinery and technology
  • Training and R&D grants. I like both the Industrial Adjustment Fund as well as these training and R&D grants. It certainly will do its bit to boost our local expertise and capabilities.

Better times ahead?

It is good to see the government taking the necessary steps to get our local car manufacturers (Proton in particular) into shape. Who knows, even as Volkswagen prepares to take a stake in Proton, good times could be in store! It's time we give Thailand's Rayong a run for its money... heh heh.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nap (ie. sleep in the afternoon) is good unless u'r doing it correctly. (not too much lar)

NAP (this one) is good unless u have capable people execute it correctly... do u think we are ready ?

after 20 years, nap/NAP/nAP (no AP) - we are still at drawing board stage.... marensia boliap.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

A very good point. The best policies in the world would be useless if the people chosen to execute it are corrupt and practice blatant cronyism.

11:14 AM  
Blogger ::Lord Apprentice:: said...

i like yer new banner. there;s someone else to deflect attention away from your face. :)

rayong? whats that?

(im sure the thais are going --> Proton? Whats that?)

I wonder if the next national car manufacturer will be called neutron. You know, proton.....neutrons. Lame joke of the day has been officially dished out.

2:04 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

Rayong is Thailand's automotive hub. Sort of like what our Tanjung Malim was supposed to be.

Hmmm...proton, neutron, what next? Moron?...hahahahah. Okay, lame, I know :P

9:28 AM  

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