Monday, September 12, 2005

Drag Racing, Business Ideas and Birds with Diarrhea

My Weekend, In Retrospect

I have to say that I am truly, and utterly knackered. My body is protesting over the miniscule amount of sleep it had over the past weekend, and my throat is as sore as a breast-fed nipple. I contemplated calling in sick this morning (and every other Monday morning for that matter...hahah) but I thought, hey, if I am well enough to stand up without toppling over like some lalang in the middle of Katrina, then I am well enough to go to work.

Darn it! (maybe I'll topple over if I consume enough alcohol at 6am in the morning..hmmm)

My weekend passed in a blur. All I really remember was celebrating the end of another working week last Friday evening, followed by the beeping of my alarm clock as it rang on Monday morning. Whatever happened in between really flew by. Flew like the wind. Gone like the wind ....sighhh.

Gentlemen, Start your engines!

Saturday was spent preparing for the Sepang Drag Battle. No, I wasnt preparing a kick-arse tube-framed, wheelie-bar'ed, 1000 horsepower'ed monster for the drag race (I wish)...rather, I was helping my girlfriend set up her booth for the Sepang Drag Battle. Yup, we managed to secure ourselves a pitlane in the circuit (due to the generosity of to display my girlfriend's range of HIDs and lighting accessories.

There were loads of stuff to be carried to and from the car. Guess who got the 'privilege' of being the manual laborer? Congrats, you guessed right! Boy, am I thankful that I was born with rippling muslces for arms and rock hard abs for a stomache or else I would never have managed to cart all those stuff around. Ermm....alright, I seem to have gotten myself confused with Brad Pitt or something. I promise it will never happen again! Blame it on the lack of sleep.

In the end, we had our booth all set up, everyone had loads of fun, and most importantly the brandname of AURA got a lot of exposure.

The drag racing itself was strictly mundane. Heck, the fastest car which was competing that night 'only' managed to run a 11+ quarter mile. Whatever happened to the killer 9 second cars which competed in the last event? True, there were quite a few of cool cars brought down by Amprex. A supra running a 10.5 and a Skyline 32 running in the 9's....sweet. There was even a white Skyline R33 brought by Duke-R which ran a gob smacking 8.9 (For the uninformed, that's comparable with the speed of an F1 car)! Mad shite! Every time the car approached the starting line, the crowd would go wild. The cacophony of cheers were followed by the popping, crackling and whine of a souped up RB26 as it hurtled down the 1024. Ahhh, pure motoring bliss.

However, these cars were there merely for exhibition purposes. They didn't compete. Hence, the night was won by a Daihatsu Charade from Johor sporting a 4G63 engine and 4WD. Crazy, but not crazy enough to warrant paying 30 bucks to watch. Plus, there were no commentators. What the??! Don't they know that commentators are very important? How is the crowd supposed to know what is going on? Our local drag racing events sure have a long way to go before I see myself attending them regularly.

I need a kick in the #!$%#

Not literally of course. Whoever tried kicking me in the #!$%# will...ermm...ummm....get told on! That's right, I'll tell your parents! Scared now eh...bwahahah.

Anyway, back to the topic. The reason why I haven't been posting in this blog for a week now is because I've been really busy the past week preparing for my Nescafe Kick-Start audition. Yup, they actually short listed me based on my video-sharing business idea. Praise The Lord!

So yes, I got my powerpoint slides done, I prepared several colored hand-outs, did my market research and even printed out a large poster (with an easel) to help spice up my presentation. I am RM200 ringgit poorer as a result, but oh well, it was worth it.

I rehearsed my presentation so many times till I could literally recite it in my sleep. Even then, I could feel the butterflies in my stomache as I waited for my turn to present. Feeling a bit nervous, I said a silent prayer to God. My God can do great things ya know :)

When my number was called, they mic'ed me up, gave me a few pointers on where to stand and in I went. There were 4 judges and they looked really familiar. I guess they were some of our local celebs or business people. Anyhow, I shook their hands, gave them the hand-outs and began my presentation. It was quite an experience I tell you, standing under the glaring lights, with the TV camera trained on you, and the judges observing and judging your every movement and word. Now I know what an American Idol contestant must feel like.

I brought along a projector coz I wanted to project the presentation from my laptop. But I was told just before I went in that I can't use any projectors on stage...arghh. In the end, I had to face my laptop towards them so that they could see some of my slides. Thank goodness I didn't buy a laptop with a smaller screen...heheheh. (readers of my previous posts will know what I'm talking about)

Anyway, the business idea I presented on is the idea which I have been working on for the past few months. My video-sharing idea, which I have lovingly called 'Mooviq'. The judges seemed sceptical at first, but as the presentation went on, I could feel that they understood what I was getting at and they realised the potential of my idea. Thank God! A few questions were asked, but nothing which I wasn't prepared to answer. More thanks to God!

In the end, I walked out of the audition room knowing that I gave it my best. The presentation went really well actually. Now all I have to do is trust that God will see me through, if it be in accordance to His will.

Dinner at Bangsar

After the presentation, I went straight for a dinner gathering at Bangsar Seafood Centre. We had several short 'games', ate good food and bonded with one another. However, all I could think about throughout dinner was how good my bed would feel like...mmmmmm. As I walked to my car after dinner, it turned out that a whole menagerie of birds had decided to take a crap all over it. Argghh!!! A word of advice, NEVER park along the road opposite Bangsar One after dark.

So yes, I had to go home and wash all that crap off my car before I could go to sleep. Standing in the dark with a water hose in one hand, and a rag cloth in the other at 11pm is no fun I tell ya.

In the end, it turned out alright. I managed to get the crap off and headed of to bed. So here I am, on a monday morning, having had less than 9 hours of sleep throughout my whole weekend, and with a car covered in residual water spots (I didn't dry it after washing it you see).

Tired? Yes. Sore Throat? Ditto. Would I do it all over again? Definitely!...minus the bird crap part of course.



Blogger NickTay said...

Breast fed niple? haha

10:24 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

I was thinking of the word sore, and the first thing to come to mind was 'nipple'. I think scary thoughts early in the morning

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:31 AM  
Blogger pooh said...

I actually submitted my application with my l@drugsorme account. Unfortunately my idiotic host ran away with my money and because of that I don't know if I'm on Nescafe Kick-Start or not.
Since it went on without me, I'll let u know what I wanted to come up with.

I wanted to come up with Malaysian's version of "America's Next Top Model". The difference is that people would be chosen based on their talents instead of just looks. I wanted to give a chance to the unpretty, unshapely and unsightly Malaysians who has star power but couldn't make it into showbiz because of their looks.

Anyway, congratulations to you who actually made it.
I'll be rooting for you! :)

10:21 PM  
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6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just google mooviq.
and found yours on the top of the list..
are you the one partnering with WONG JI YI to do the mooviq??

9:58 PM  
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