Monday, November 07, 2005

Deepaaya, Harivali, Deeripaya, Haparavi

The holidays are over, now what?

I'm sitting in my office right now on a Monday morning, my laptop is emitting cheerful beeps and blips as it boots up in front of me, the sound of the traffic below is drowned out by my office's air conditioning ....and there's no where else I'd rather be right now than at home in bed.

This is the stuff post holiday blues are made of.

For those of you who are not currently in Malaysia and who have no idea what I'm rambling on about, we Malaysia-folks have just come to an end of a week long holiday which we lovingly called 'Deeparaya'. Just in case it isn't obvious enough, the word 'Deeparaya' is an amalagamation of the words Deepavali and Hari Raya. Doh!

A week of ups and downs

The past week was a pretty eventful one. To start it off, I got unceremoniously kicked out of Kick-Start. Yup, that's the reality show which I was in for the past month. The one which I was so confident of securing at least a place in the final 4, darn it!..hahahah. Anyway, in my defense.. I was eliminated not by the judges, but by my fellow contestants. You see, the producers decided to surprise us and add a twist by incorporating a Survivor-style elimination into the show. When they announced it, I already knew what was coming. I mean, of course they would vote me out right? After all, I would like to believe that this was due to the threat my 'stupendous abilities' posed to the rest rather than the fact that they couldn't stand my guts ... ermmm, right?

Strangely, I had a premonition of this weeks before it unfolded. Okay, maybe premonition is a bad choice of words. What I got was basically a 'word' whenever I had my devotion and quiet time with God. What God spoke to me helped prepare me for the elimination, and it also taught me that my hope lies not in the contest, not in my abilities, not in my contacts, not in money, not in any of those things but in Him entirely. Was it worth losing a stab at RM180K in order to have this lesson reinforced in me? Definitely :)

On a good note, the development for my 'Mooviq' business idea has finally commenced! The development time should take around 2-3 months, so hopefully it will be ready for a beta launch by the end of this year. Financing it was tough as I had to dip into my own funds for it, but I'm trusting that God will provide me with all the resources I need, hurrah!

Waterfalls, gonads and jazz bars

I went to the Bentong waterfalls with a group of friends for a picnic. Yup, a picnic! It's stranegly placating that in a hectic time and age such as ours, we can still find the time for an old fashioned picnic...hahaha. When we arrived at the waterfall, the waters were a wonderful shade of muddy brown thanks to the heavy rain earlier that morning. That however didn't stop a few brave souls amongst us (alright, substitute the word 'brave' with 'moronic' and the sentence would read more accurately...hahah) from frolicking in the muddy and extremely FRIGID waters.

Ah yes, the waters were extremely cold! Cold enough to freeze your gonads off, to turn your toes into 10 little mini-popsicles, to cause your sweat to crystalize into little droplets of ice on your brow, to make your nipples protrude 2 cm from its epicentre. In retrospect, it may seem like I'm exaggerating, but the water seriously felt that cold at that time! Obviously, I was not one of the abovementioned 'brave' souls. I wisely decided to limit myself to just dipping my feet into the water (my gonads are thanking me or that).

On saturday night, I headed on down to Alexis Ampang to catch my friend's live performance. In case you're wondering, my friend ala local artiste is none other than Liang! He just released his latest album entitled '8 OZ of Soul' so if you come across it in our local record stores, do check it out! The bar was pretty packed by the time the performance got underway and I'm glad to say that my mate Liang did very well. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but by the time the second set rolled around, he was his usual groovin self and performed several fantastic pieces with Juwita Suwito.

Ahh, nothing beats live music eh.


The past week also saw 2 of my friends celebrating their birthdays. Both of them are at the brink of turning 30 and they have my deepest heartfelt condolence...hahahah. The first birthday bash was at Zouk and consisted of the usual things people to do to friends who are celebrating their birthdays, ie: get them drunk, make them dance like a hobbit, get them to pose for silly pics etc.

The second birthday bash was on a Sunday and was held at San Francisco Steakhouse in D'sara Intan. This time, there were no alcohol-induced birthday antics but there were LOTS of nipple-focused activity. Ermm...I think it's best I leave that unexplained...hahah. Anyway, just to give you an idea of what a 'nipple-focused' activity, otherwise known as a nipple-cripple, looks like, here's a pic for ya.

All in all, the Deeparaya holidays were a blast. Now where did I put my calender? Time to start planning for the next break ;)


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Bentong! Where I kinda grew up. :)


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A nice little idyllic town eh :)

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