Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Fork in the Road of Life

It's that time again. When one begins feeling restless and yearns for a change. A change in environment, a change in challenges...just a change. That's the beauty of life I guess. How we move from one phase to another, transcending plain upon plain in our never ending pursuit of happiness and fulfilment.

Some call it the rat race, I call it poetry in motion. Living, breathing evidence that there truly is something beyond what we can see, feel or comprehend.

Change is good.

One thing I am glad for is that such desire for change stems not from my discontent, but from my passion to achieve. To do more. To be involved in the things I love. After all, the search for contentment can only drive you so far. Passion is the one thing which will see you through till the end.

A Fortune journalist once asked an American billionaire,

"What keeps people like you going? If if were me, I'd be content with having just a hundred million and probably retire there"

And the billionaire replied, "And that is precisely why you will never have a hundred million"

So true isn't it. A billionaire isn't driven by discontent over his financial situation, nor is he driven by the desire to achieve an ambiguous dollar figure. They are a breed apart, driven by passion and the desire to change the world they are in.

'Change'; how that word strikes terror into the hearts of some, whilst at the same time inspiring others to greater heights

A fork in the undulating road of life. How often we come across these, and how often do we take the safer, well-trodden path. Eschewing the potential for great rewards in favour of the coddling arms of familiarity.

I believe...

Be content with what you have no matter how much or how little,
Be passionate about your dreams no matter how big or small,
Be willing to take that first step and go for it,
Be oblivious to the people and things which work to pull you down,

I am at a fork road in my life, and life couldn't be better.

God is with me.


Blogger Bernice said...

you are such a talented writer!

11:55 PM  
Blogger F.O.N. said...

Good to know you are striving to better yoruself always. Keep it up dude. Agree with you that passion is the one that will last a lifetime. Cheers!

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:47 PM  

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