Monday, April 24, 2006

My Car Got Raped

Figuratively of course

I don't know why it took me so long to post about this, as it happened sometime during the middle of last week. Maybe it's because I was too traumatized by the savagery of the whole event, the impact of it all reducing my to a quivering, babbering heap. Or maybe it's because I was just too doggone lazy to update my blog. I think the latter sounds more probable...hahah.

Anyway, it happened like this.

1) Park car at the side of the road in front of house

2) Went inside house, got into bed

3) Woken up by sound of car alarm

4) Ran out of house

5) Saw car window broken with little bits of sharp glass all over my nice seats, waiting to pierce the buttocks of any unsuspecting soul who sits on them

6) Saw 4 dungguls on 2 motorbikes, scurrying away like the useless, rotten scum that they are

7) Overcome with grief. Ran away from home and joined a monastery

Ok lah, the last point is false, obviously. But the others are spot on. Especially point number 6. Those rotten scum! Look what they did to my car!...sighhh.

Those morons, they even stole a stuffed toy from my car, the one which you get free from McDonalds with every happy meal. What the??!! Can't these useless bums afford even a happy meal? Yeesh

I need my music!

The main thing they were after was my car's CD player. And they took it, along with half my front panel. Which btw, cost around RM210 to replace. RM210 for a flimsy piece of plastic? My goodness, I wonder who's the bigger crook, those petty thieves who stole my player and broke my dash, or those goons at proton and its suppliers.

Being the good, responsible citizen that I am, I decided to make a police report. This I did, inspite of me knowing full well that the police will probably take my report, roll it up into a ball of paper and have an impromptu game of dustbin-basketball with it.

Against the odds (and boy! are they huge odds!), I do hope our police will get off their arses and do something about the rising cases of petty crime and snatch thefts in the area. After all, what are they being paid for?

Well, maybe they are gonna use the money to feed the poor?

At first, I tried to console myself by thinking of these thieves not as worthless pieces of cow dung, but as poor destitute chaps who desperately needed the money to feed their starving family back home in their run-down kampung house.

See? in the picture below.

In spite of my best efforts, that noble picture lasted for a grand total of 4 minutes. Pahh! Those buggers are probably gonna use the money they make from my stolen CD player to pay for their drug habit, or booze, or sex, or whatever it is which tickles the fancy of such low-lifes.




Blogger kÄ«lauea said...

Which part of Subang Jaya are you in?

Well, face plate should always be detached whenever we leave our car.

But stuffed toy too? That's .. strange. Maybe some other kids took the chance to kidnap your toy during that time. :P

Yikes, just treat it as a lesson for now. Take care dude.

9:19 AM  
Blogger F.O.N. said...

Sorry to hear about this dude. Sigh... and what's this that someone was saying that the crime rates are declining. Not from what I hear and read everyday. I guess not everyone reports them as they have lost faith in our local police. I reckon that what is reported is just the tip of the iceberg...

Anyways, hope they catch these goons and strip them and force them to do earsquats and put them in jail or banish them to Singapore. (ops!)

9:29 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

I am from USJ 2. I used to always remove the faceplate whenever I left my car, but you know lah, after awhile malas ler.

No chance of that happening with my new player. I am gonna guard it with my life.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Bernice said...

So sorry! Will buy you lunch when I get back there to make up for the ruined car. Deal?

11:24 AM  
Blogger ::Lord Apprentice:: said...

use a motorbike. no radios to steal and a full tank is about rm5 to rm7.50. hahahahahhahaa

1:55 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

Yea, and another good thing, if you get hit by a car while on a motorbike, the worst thing that can happen to you is death...hahah.

No need to pay hospital bills, no need to go for rehabilitation, nada. Just douse my corpse with lighter fluid and zippo me away.

2:39 PM  
Blogger She's Jess said...

my goodness..

they really need a life man,

2:44 PM  
Blogger Doreen said...

Heh. I also kena before! But I only lost a pack of cigarettes, some loose change and a pair of pasar malam sunnies. Fixing the broken window cost me a good hundred bucks itself! I cursed those buggers so bad.

5:20 PM  

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