Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ah Zel's Birthday

The clock is ticking

Another year, another friend joins me in the age where you can no longer claim to be in your 'mid-twenties'. Like a Grim Reaper of time, it viciously sucks us down an ever quickening spiral of senescence and senility. There is no escape, it takes no prisoners.

Having said that, it is good to have the company of friends on this journey, and as we grow old and gray, we can always look back and laugh at the days gone by.

Melodrama aside, the person I'm referring to is Hazel. An old friend of mine, we recently celebrated her birthday at the Friendster cafe.

The warning above is true! She IS the main cause for all sorts of meteorological malarkey, in fact I think she caused the forest fire which almost killed Bambi.

(above: Run Bambi run!!!)

Being a Monday night, only a few of us managed to make it but we still had loads of fun. There were 2 reasons for celebration that night, one was the aforementioned birthday, the other is Dan the Man's promotion! Looks like his manly charm works on lady bosses as well eh. Congrats to you dude!

I told Daniel that with great power comes great responsibility, and great chicks as well. He liked the part about the chicks.

Speaking of career advancements, we also unanimously decided that Chern Yuan's - after going through the best Oxford could offer - best career prospects lay in being a Petroleum Lube Engineer. His job scope would be to engineer the best lube in order to reduce friction when a hard shaft is inserted in and out a tight opening.....oerrrrr.

Alvin got very excited about the idea. Methinks he probably wants to be Chern Yuan's lab assistant, and help with him the lube experiments and prototyping.

Go figure.

While the guys were busy discussing the finer points of lube and why motorcycle riding is responsible for so many detached testicles, the girls were busy calling Sit Fong 'Gan Sit Fong', causing her to erupt in an explosion of uncontrolled bloodlust.

I didn't photoshop the picture below. The reddish tinge really did comefrom Sit Fong as a result of her rage. Scary stuff.

Oh well, here are some of the other pictures taken that night. Enjoy.


Blogger hazel said...

excuse me!!!! i am not the cause of gllbal warming... or any fire!! that would be your gf...ahhaha my hot superstar cousin!! sothere...

oooo and pls send me the photo with my b;day kiss...pls!! its gonna be worth a lot soon!! ehehh..

thanks wai!

6:07 PM  
Blogger Bernard said...

hazel: Don't be in denial...hahah, and the both of you are NOT cousins! :)

2:32 PM  
Blogger Janice said...

oh, yes we are!!!!! you're such a baddie. you're not suppose to post about our secret "gan sit fong" song. we're gonna be in deep shit if she finds out! :P haha...

that's it la! i'm gonna ask chyen to start leaving comments on your blog. you'll be sorry you ever asked for more....haha...have you read her comment on mine?

6:48 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

janice: Yeah, I read her comment already. Typical Chi Yen...LOL

8:37 AM  

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