Friday, September 28, 2007

@ Alexis

Fun with Six Strings

I honestly thought that I'd get these photos posted online sooner, but nowadays I am very the malas to go through all the trouble of resizing the photos, adjusting the brightness and contrast and goodness knows what else in order to make my crappily taken pictures worthy of online viewing.

I'd much rather just create a text-only post focusing on one of my grouses (of which there are many).

However, pure-text ramblings of a babbling person with a tendency to foam at the mouth whenever he launches into yet another one of his hyperbolic tirades makes, a great blog not.

It is with this sad realization that I sluggishly uploaded to Flickr, the photos of my gig at Alexis last weekend.

Which was really great fun btw!

The gig I mean, not uploading photos.


What would we do without em eh? I know for one that Alexis would have definitely been less packed on those 2 nights if it weren't for the many friends who turned up. Heck, some even showed up for both nights!

Now THAT'S loyalty!

Okay, so maybe some of my friends have nothing else better to do (those jokers :)), but that doesn't detract from their thoughtful gesture....*sniff sniff*

(above: The two botaks in the background look seriously confused. Must be the hair)

(above: Yes, we had male groupies as well)

They went "awwwww" during the emo bits of the set, clapped and cheered during the climaxes, and laughed while clutching their bellies whenever I made a mistake.

Here's a big thank you to all my friends who were there that night :)

(above: Tony, the star of the recent Tunku the musical, showing off his manly scar....*cough* *appendix* *cough*)

(above: Oliver, ala film producer magnifgique, is leaving to sad, our cell group will be even more empty! *boo hoo*)

(above: Everyone is smiling because we know what is coming up next....)

(above: ...everyone except Eric that is. Another tragic victim of the nipple cripple)

(above: I just realized I'm the only one with hair!!!)

The Gig

Our sets consisted of several original compositions, interspersed with our renditions of popular songs such as Lovefool, Linger, She'll Be Loved, If I Ain't Got You and quite a few others.

It was my first time performing at Alexis, but I must say that it's a pretty nice place to perform in. The sound system and monitors were pretty good, so too were the acoustics of the place.

(above: Ah Liang was there to give us support. As a reward, Janice shamelessly plugged his new album)

And the crowd...ahhh, the crowd. I would say that all in all, the crowd was pretty responsive.

Although my band doesn't consist of seasoned, hardcore musicians (heck, I even find it hard to think of myself as a musician), we still managed to get the audience's heads grooving to the beats of some of our songs.

Oh...and nothing was thrown at us throughout the 2 nights, which is always a good sign.

All-in-all, it was great fun...but would I do it again? Maybe not anytime soon. I don't know about the rest of the band, but the practices and performances left me knackered.

Performing in itself is excellent, but when forced to juggle it with work, it can be quite taxing.

What to do? Becoming old liao.