Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pearle's Birthday


That shower felt good.

By the time I got home it was around mid-night....far too late for a decent shower.

Alright confession time, usually when I get home late, I'll just throw on some old clothes and plonk myself straight onto bed. Yes yes, with gel-ed hair and all.

Don't look at me all shocked and horrified! Haven't you occasionally given in to the temptations of the pillow and skipped a bath? It can be such a bother having to wash up sometimes hor (or am I the only one who feels this way?).

Not this time though. My mom just got me a new set of bed sheets and I sure ain't gonna risk her wrath by dirtying them.

One thing you'll learn about my mom, don't mess with her when it comes to keeping the house clean. ...EVER!

Another one bites the dust

Yet another one of my friends has passed the mid-20s point.

No longer can she claim to be in her mid 20s. No longer can she tick the third box which states '20 to 25 years old'. No longer will 30 seem like such a long time away!

Welcome to the dark side...*evil laughter*!!

(above: Happy birthdayyyyyy!!! This is what passes as a birthday 'cake' to my friends.)

(above: Pearle and I. Hard to believe I've known her for more than 15 years now. She hasn't changed though, still as blur as ever :)

(above: Yi Yin was supposed to open her mouth wide for this shot, but you know girls lah...sometimes so shy)

(above: Daniel learns never to mess with a pregnant woman.)

(above: With Alvin not around, Chern Yuan's kissy lips had to find a new target....which in this case happened to be Roy. Poor dude )



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