Monday, August 27, 2007

Must Be Enterprising...Urkkk!!

What to do what to do...

I was browsing through an article in Fortune about young entrepreneurs and CEOs when I was smacked with the realization that most of these guys (and gals) were younger than me!

It may not sound like much but it's really quite a big deal!!

OK, I can get quite excitable when it comes to things like this but bear with me for a moment here.

Those young brats

I remember a time not too long ago... every time I picked up and read an article about how some young fellow founded a company from his basement/garage/bedroom/(fill in other obscure places here), and how it then proceeded to balloon into some multi-billion company, one of the first things I would notice would be the person's age when he first founded the company.

Michael Dell, 19 years old....Jerry Yang, 27.....Bill Gates, 20......Chad Hurley, 28.....argghhh!!!

Most of the time, they would be a couple of years older than me. I'd then heave a sigh of relief and console myself, saying that I still have a couple more years to conjure up my million dollar idea.

Well that was then and now is now.

Now that I've reached a ripe old age of 27 (to put it more accurately, I'm 26 PLUS)....that no longer applies.

Where is my brilliant flash of inspiration? Where is my gazillion dollar idea? Where where where??!!

Write down all your ideas, that's what they always say...

I used to take this so seriously. I'd jot down in-depth notes of every single business idea and looney concept which crossed my mind - faithfully saving them into a folder on my PC marked 'Ideas' (I changed the folder icon into a little lightbulb thingy...brilliant eh). True, a lot of them were pretty far-out (alright, some were really crap!), but there were one or two which I really thought had potential.

Some I actually invested the time and money to pursue, with varying degrees of success - and failures. But what the heck was failure anyway? Back then, it sure wasn't something to shy away from, although my bank account did take quite a big hit from it.....hahah...

...hah hah.....ermm...


Keep on dreamin'

What ever happened to the youthful energy and boundless optimism? Nowadays I find myself becoming more and more conservative in my goals and ambitions...noooo!! I'm becoming one of those old, complacent codgers which I used to poke fun at!


I realise that as we grow older, it becomes ever more important to hang on to our dreams... no matter how idealistic or naive they may seem to be to other people, heck even to ourselves! How easily we settle for whatever we have currently in hand, especially if whatever we currently have comes with a big fat paycheck. I admit, guilty as charged.

Well, all is not lost. Ray Kroc only began putting McDonalds on its growth path when he was a ripe old age of 53.

That leaves me another 26 years to go. Plenty of time to think up of something. :)



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