Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Preparation for Alexis Ampang

The Blackwidow

My friends and I will be performing at Alexis Ampang on the 21st and 22nd of September (Friday & Saturday) night. While we're all looking forward to it, I myself am shitting bricks. The last time I performed with the band was several months ago in Laundry (or was it in Attic KL?) and I admit, I'm quite the rusty at the moment.

We'll be doing 2 sets a night, lasting almost 2 hours. That's about 35 songs that need to be memorized, rehearsed and adapted.

That's a LOT!

And we only have around 2 weeks to practice before the big day....*gulp*

We had our first practice session last night but due to some weird reason, all the studios at our regular haunt, Studio Akarkarya, were fully booked. In the end, we had to make do with...ughh... Blackwidow. Once you've gotten used to the ambiance and facilities at Studio Akarkarya, going to Blackwidow is like switching from a BMW to a Kancil, from a Wagu Steak to a Ramlee Burger, from Astro to terrestrial TV.

Major downgrade.

Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. We were eager to get the rehearsals underway so it didn't really matter if the studio smelled like cigarette butts, and the instruments all had a greasy, oily coat on them.

We were there to make music man! *Jamaican accent*

Let the rehearsals begin.

(above: Crammed but functional)

(above: The microphones smelled magnifique!)

(above: Da Man at the drums, Old Man Simon!)

(above: As usual, Eu Jin the bassist was a picture of intense concentration, or is it just gas?)

(above: Our vocalists from left, Amanda, Janice & Leroy)

(above: Here's my contribution to modern art, I call this piece 'Guitar on cigarette stained floor with foot in middle')



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