Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bowling Balls and Birthday Cakes

How nice if instead of 'Hari Raya Haji' we had 'Bulan Raya Haji'....

The good thing about Bulan Raya Haji would be, well, we'll get a month off instead of just a day. Ermmm...right, pretty self explanatory there huh. But seriously, since we're living in a nation where the majority of people are muslims, don't you think we should give them the privilege and recognition they deserve?

Hari Raya Haji is one of the most important days in the year for them, and for them to get just a single day of holiday is a gross insult. I demand justice! I demand equality! I insist that the honorable muslims in Malaysia be given a month off to celebrate Hari Raya Haji! After all, it's only fair *ahem* :)

Malaysia Boleh!

I enjoyed my one day mini-holiday. I seriously think that our government should consider making it a permanenet fixture for our work week. Imagine this, after a nice weekend, people usually face a tough time on Monday trying to get back into the groove of a working week. What better way to help us Malaysians ease into the working rhythm than by letting us have another day off on Tuesday? Just to take the strain off ya' know...hyuk hyuk. After that it'll be another 3 days of work before yet another weekend. I sincerely believe that the result of this would be soaring levels of productivity nation-wide! Now if only the policy makers in our country were reading this....hmmmmm.

Use the Ball to Knock em' Pins

Anyway, back to my Hari Raya Haji holiday. From the title of this post, I guess you guys would already have guessed that I spent yesterday throwing balls down a wooden alley and celebrating a birthday. Well, you would be wrong on both counts. While I did go to the bowling alley in 1 Utama, I was there merely as a spectator. The reason, you see, is coz my bowling sucks. The ball simply refuses to go where I aim it. If I'm lucky, the ball might come into contact with some shiny ivory pins after it's arduous journey down 62 feet of polished wood. If i'm unlucky, which is more often than not, the ball simply lodges itself into one of the side 'longkangs' and proceeds to trundle merrily down the lane. My best score ever was in the region of 120+, but that was a pure fluke. I'll be jumping for joy if I even manage to break the century mark! Due to the above reasons, bowling to me has and always will be more of a spectator sport.

PS: I am able to hold the ball like a pro though. Check out the pic below. Look at the form *phe-weet*, marvelous!

Birthdays, not Birthday

On the second count, you're wrong because there were two birthday celebrations instead of one. One of it was at Q Bar and consisted mainly of boozing, chatting and shuffling. I haven't been to Q Bar in ages, and was surprised to see that the place has added a new 'wing' next to Cafe Flam. Pretty nice looking too if I might add. True, the place was packed with Ah Bengs but the music was pretty good, your usual trance/rave/house combo.

(above: A birthday reenactment of Alfred Hitchcock's classic, Psycho)

(above: I don't look good in hats, that's why I'm not wearing one. Ummm...right)

(above: It's a small world after all. It seems like you can't go anywhere without bumping into friends)

The second birthday was intended to be a surprise for my brudder in arms, Angie Looh. I say 'intended' because, well, the surprise sort of 'tak jadi-ed'. That wasn't because of any lack of effort on Alvin's part however. The fella tried every trick in the book, but in the end he was simply out-witted and out-smarted. Shame on him...hahahhah. The birthday gathering at his house and the fake-decoy 'surprise' dinner the night before were great fun tho, so I guess props to him :)

(above: None of us believe in looking at the camera. It's the new trend in taking photos dammit!)

(above: Birthday girl in the centre, friends all around)

(above: Shades of Michael Jackson's 'Man In the Mirror' here.)

(above: When Alvin is not busy planning surprise birthdays for his girlfriend, he is busy making out with Oxford graduates)


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damn right about the holidays! it's never enough..

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Blogger Bernard Yong said...

you can never have too much of a good thing :)

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