Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm Knackered

I should have listened to the Doctor

I'm totally and utterly knackered. I came down with fever, flu and cough last Friday. It was pretty bad, and my entire Friday was spent bed-ridden coughing up huge globs of phlegm. I even devised a little game to entertain myself. In this game (which I shall call 'the-phlegm-game'), the objective is to cough up as much phlegm as possible in a minute (the greener the better...ahahahah).

Needless to say, I got bored of this 'game' pretty quick.

Of course, my friends will know how much I look forward to the weekends, and no bout of sickness is going to prevent me from fully maximizing every minute of weekend-freedom! Never!! I decided I needed to get fast, pronto. I went to see my neighbourhood doctor and he prescribed me the usual cocktail of antibiotics (ho-hum), cough mixture and weird-looking pills. He also told me to get lots of rest during the weekend, and to not exert myself too much. Say what doctor?

Being the good patient that I am, I ignored his advise. On Saturday I went to a friend's birthday gathering at Cynna Bar, followed by an all-nighter at Velvet. I had a pretty good time though. The crowd was good and the music was definitely to my liking. I went home that night thinking that I had this sickness licked. A triumph of man over microrganisms!..muahahah

Sunday passed by without a hitch, no trace of sickness whatsoever. However, on Monday, the virus began its dastardly assault once again. My head resumed its throbbing and my throat began acting up. Argghh....just when I thought I had it beat!

As I sit at my desk on a Tuesday morning, trying to type this post out amidst a flurry of coughs and wheezes, a very important lesson etched itself into my mind....

'Always listen to the guy holding the stethoscope'


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