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My Chinese New Year Story - Part II

Visiting Dan The Man

Most of my readers would be familiar with Dan The Man....also known as 'Dan Da MAN!' (exclamation mark included). Just a bit of background here, Dan The Man started life as a simple boy called Daniel Loke. Little did he know the greatness which would be bestowed upon him in the years to come.

Over time, the significance of his MANliness began to surface, like a majestic whale breaking the surface of the ocean as it comes up for air (no pun intended)...*guffaw*

His kau lui feats are legendary amongst the young men of Petaling Jaya, and his skills at transporting female passengers are second to none. In fact, rumour has it that he moonlights as a modern day robin-casanova-hood, zooming around the streets of PJ in his trusty SLK, all the while keeping an eye out for damsels in distress. King Arthur has his Excalibur, and Dan the Man has his formidable green jacket which he uses to protect helpless females from the chills of our churches dastardly air-con.

A true modern day hero. Hou man ahhhhh!

Nobody knows what he really looks like underneath his 'Take Me I'm Yours' t-shirt, but here's a spy-shot of him risking life and limb to lift a box of exruciatingly heavy cookies to serve several unidentified female guests in his home.

We visited Dan the Man's house on the 3rd day of CNY, where we collected ang pows, ate loads of junk food and generally had a good time.

(above: Wholesome health food)

(above: I forgot to smile)

(above: Flora and Fauna, oops...I mean't Adrian)

(above: Chi Yen my guitar guru and her fiancee, Daren, who according to Singapore's National Service is clinically obese...ahahah)

(above: Alvin turned 30 this year. Seeing as how he's an old man now, he promised not to make any more faces in photos. He failed terribly though. I mean, just look at that awful face he's pulling in this picture!)

This was followed by a trip to Sit Fong's house where the girls had a good time of fellowship, and the guys made a fool of themselves trying to play carem. I tell ya, carem is one frustratingly difficult game. In one game, I managed to pot a grand total of 1 plastic coin. ONE!!! @&#%$#!! Whoever invented it probably had too much time on his/her hands and no friends.

Next up was Chi Yen's house where her super-power air-cond and guitar skills never fail to amaze me. She has a 12 string guitar which she proceeded to play, impressing the crap out of the rest of us. I tried giving it a go but discovered that I sucked. Ah well, looks like I will just stick with ye trusty ol' 6-string matey...arrrRrRR.

We ended the day at my house, playing mahjong and cards. This CNY was not a good one for me. I lost terribly in Chor Dai Ti and got my butt kicked at blackjack. Darn those cards!!

(above: Zounds! Girl on girl action in my home!)

(above: A picture of intense concentration.)

Yap Open House

In this uncertain world of ours, there are a few things you can count on come Chinese New Year. First, you know for sure that the weather will be frying-eggs-on-sidewalk hot. Secondly, the police will always talk about how much they want to clamp down on fireworks, but in actual fact are just looking for ways to be more corrupt than they already are. Last of all, you can definitely count on the Yap's having another one of their Chor Mm Open House. It's become a yearly tradition of sorts. A great time to catch up with people you haven't seen in ages, oh and also to lose shitloads of money at blackjack...hahahah.

(above: Mr and Mrs Yap)

(above: Here are the gambling brigade. Oops, did I say gambling? I mean 'card enthusiasts')

(above: Everybody say Gong Xi!)

(above: Be careful. Assuntarians spotted.)

(above: Nope, this Gerald is not drunk. He just looks permanently stoned.)

(above: Cawin and Daniel, before they proceeded to bathe each other in the pool in the background... ugghh)

(above: They are not gay, Serious!)

(above: Errr...is it just me, or do these 2 lions look like they are about to mate?)

(above: The Yap brothers before they got drunk. Look how alert and sober they are. Such nice boys... ahah)

Of course, no CNY bash would be complete without having more than half of the guests stone-drunk by the end of the night. Judging by the way the guests this year had to stagger or be physically hauled back to their cars by their concerned spouses, I would say that the party this year was a smashing success. Below is a picture I took with one of the alcoholics that night ... hahaha.

(above: Arrhe ooeeerrr muhhhh-dongggg fraccckkkk)

More cards and mahjong at Damansara Heights

Like leading a lamb to the slaughter. We should have suspected that something was amiss when Adrian politely invited us to his crib in Damansara Heights (a friggin huge crib I might add). He tempted us with promises of fine food and tasty red bean soup, something no normal Malaysian could possibly resist. Once he had lulled us into a false sense of security, he proceeded to maul our collective sorry arses round after round at blackjack.

(above: The poor unsuspecting folks *sniff*)

(above: Who said anything about gambling? I was merely studying *ahem* the fascinatingly intricate details on the playing cards)

(above: Girls in the kitchen where they belong...ahahahahHAHAH)

We panicked and tried to make for the exits. In the confusion, many helpless furry animals and innocent creatures were trampled underfoot. Their squeeks of anguish still ring loudly in my ears till today *shudder*.

(above: These wise people avoided the slaughter by sticking with mahjong)

Adrian laughed with maniacal glee at our pitiful state and proceeded to unleash hand after hand of 21s, double aces and full houses. We were sitting ducks. To his credit though, he did feel remorse over what he had done, and promised that he will treat us to a nice lunch to make up for his evil-doings. Well, we're still waitinggggg....muahahah

(above: Some of us were not willing to wait for the lunch treat, and tried to steal food from the kitchen to cover their losses)


Anonymous pebbles said...

OOo.. i c sum familiar faces at Eddy's openin house. So nice... i miss CNY! *sob* U did alot of things for CNY.. all the yummy food i see.... make me wanna fly home to eat 'em..hehe.. =P

4:24 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

hey joanne, congrats on your first comment *clap clap* ... hahhahah. And yea, I think you'd know quite a few of the people at the open house. PJ is such a small place, everybody knows everybody :)

5:50 PM  
Blogger DavidLee said...



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Anonymous pebbles said...

thank you, thank you! *bLek*

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