Monday, March 20, 2006

Splash Goes the Birthday Boy

*Cough Hack Wheeze*

I had a pretty quiet weekend, which was alright with me, seeing as how I am still in the midst of recovering from quite a bad case of flu. Curse those germs! Because of them, I had to walk around my house with pieces of tissue rammed up my nostrils, not a very pretty sight.

Thank goodness I managed to recover somewhat by Saturday evening, allowing me to salvage my weekend; somewhat.

Birthday Gathering for Nai 'Pail'

Saturday night was the night of the big DJ Tiesto party over at KLIA; it was also the night of one of my friend's birthday gathering. Hmmm, decisions decisions. In the end, I did what any good friend will do, I eschewed the prospects of a night of frantic partying in order to celebrate a birthday of a friend; oh yah and to throw him into the pool as well. can't have a birthday gathering beside a pool without throwing the guest of honor in right? That would be.....against religion! *hyuk hyuk*

Here are a few photos from the gathering.

(above: The gathering was at a condo in Damansara Villa)

(above: The birthday boy is the one in the center wearing blue. The retard next to him is Simon, and yes, that's what he normally looks like when he forgets to put on his make-up)

(above: Ahhh, to be 24 again)

(above: I almost broke my teeth on one of those pieces of lamb. Tough does not even begin to describe it)

(above: This is the chef for the night. Someone please get him away from the BBQ pit!)

(above: 75.5% alcohol content does wonders to clear your sinuses...heh heh)

(above: I am sure you can guess what happened next....)

(above: Yup, no prizes for guessing correctly)


Blogger Bernice said...

You will definitely NOT be doing that to me on my birthday...

11:18 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

I wouldn't dream of such a thing =)

11:14 AM  

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