Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Second Life

Who needs a life when you've got this?

After reading so much about Second Life in the papers and magazines, I decided to give it a go.... again.

I say again because this is not my first time signing up for it. The first time I did was more than a year ago, when I didn't have my own laptop and instead had to rely on my company's crappy Fujitsu. Needless to say, it isn't very fun exploring a virtual world when your PC only has a measly 256MB or ram and no standalone graphics card. When I first logged in, it seemed like all the citizens of Second Life suffered from parkinsons or something. It was bloody jerky. No fun at all.

After a grand total of 10 minutes, I gave up. It was pure frustration I tell you. Trying to get my jerking, shuddering avatar to move about was like trying to wrestle a drunken sumo wrestler. Not to say the connection speed I had was bad though (I was using my office's connection, coz my home still relied on *cough* dial-up). The PC I was using just couldn't cope with anything more advanced than Pac-Man-like graphics.

A year on...

Anyway, that was then. A year on, I have a laptop which isn't crap, and I finally have broadband at home. Time to give it another go.

For the benefit of those of you who still rely on the abacus to do your sums, let me give a brief introduction on what the 'game' is all about. Second Life is more than a game actually. It is basically a virtual world, in which you can join, create a 3D avatar and begin roaming about.

You're given absolute freedom to do anything you want, become anything you want, and make friends with anyone you want. The game allows you to start virtual businesses, buy land, develop property, fly around the country side, create objects to populate the world and much more.

In fact, there are already a handful of people around the world who started businesses in Second Life and are now pulling in more than USD80,000 a year. There is this one guy who buys land in Second Life (yup, you are allowed to live out your Donald Trump fantasies. Minus the bad hair-piece of course), develops pretty looking houses and buildings on it, and sells them to other people in Second Life.

There is even the case of this female designer who sells her own range of 'Second Life Clothing' in the virtual world. Supposedly her stuff is selling like hot cakes, and she's raking in several thousand USD per month just by selling virtual clothing.

In fact, there are even virtual red light districts in the game. Woooh

Cool eh....and maybe a bit geeky. But anyway, it was enough to pique my interest.

Hmm...who shall I be?

As you can see from the screenshot below, my avatar's name is Bunchudai Hokkigai. Whatever that means, I have no idea. I just wanted something Asian sounding, hence my weird japanese-phillipino hybrid name.

Apparently, my online avatar has a terrible dress-sense...and he has such an oblong hairstyle. Ugghhh, the online me is nothing like the real-life me (I hope). Anyway, I didn't have much time to play around with it yet, but I think one of the first few things I definitely have to do is get my avatar some cool threads. And maybe a cool set of wheels...hahahha.

So if any of you are already in Second Life, look me up yeah.

My avatar is feeling kinda lonely....*sniff sniff*



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