Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Wedding Story

Wedding Weekend

My friend Samuel Hoo got married last weekend and it was truly a touching moment for all. It also reminded me that I'm getting old and soon it'll be my turn...and you know what? I can't wait ... hahahah.

Ahhhh, marriage is indeed a wonderful thing...the union between man and woman (or woman and man for the more feminist people out there), it really is touching, really.

Here's a collection of some photos which were taken during the wedding. Enjoy.

A group of us stayed over at Samuel's house the day before so that we can all leave together on Saturday morning. Of course, as with all other sleep overs, nobody really got any sleep as we were all up till the wee hours of the morning trying to provide sound advice to a friend. I won't say who this person is, but Julius was going through some sort of personal, relationship crisis and needed to tap upon the timeless wisdom of his friends.

In the end, we offered our 'heng tai' support and reassured him that if ever the shit hits the ceiling, he can rely on us to bring him out and make him stone drunk in order to forget his problems.

Solidarity, its a beautiful thing.

Since this will be Samuel's first time at...ermm...copulating, we initially thought that we should provide some guidance to him (based on what we've read in government-sanctioned biology books of course...*ahem*). We were quite clever, really. We came up with a plan which involved the use of teddy bear 'volunteers', special sound effects, and a diagrammatic representation of the erogenous zones of a female body but in the end we decided that it was just too much hassle and couldn't be bothered.

I'm sure Samuel can handle it on his own...hahahahah.

Of course, being a Chinese wedding, we had the usual 'Chong Moon' where the groom has to perform a number of stupid, embarassing tasks in order to get the chance to see his bride. This time around, the bride and her chi muis were quite kind hearted, and Samuel only had to eat a few dead bugs and sing a few songs in a variety of different languages.

A piece of cake really.

The day ceremony was held in Jalan Imbi Chapel, with the night dinner at Legend Hotel. There was no hard liquor being served, but that didn't stop one of us from getting incredibly drunk on wine. I won't name the culprit, but Julius ended the night trying to hump Samuel while hugging him.

Oh well, at least he seemed to have forgotten his crisis.

All in all, it was a great occassion. Seeing a friend take the step of marriage is always a joyous event, and I wish the happy couple all the best!


Blogger Bernice said...

Be sure to remember my invitation when you and Janice decide to tie the knot. Sometime in the near future perhaps? Hmm...

6:17 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

HAhah..give me another 3 years perhaps.

9:01 AM  
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