Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Slap in the Face of Non-Bumis

Worrying state of politics in Malaysia

The headline of today's The Star caught my eye. In big, bold words, it stated 'Nothing to Hide' and it contained an interview with our PM on the recent ASLI debacle. Reading the article however, was like receiving an outright slap in the face.

It started with this question by the interviewer, with reference to the questions posed by Gerakan on the accuracy and methodology of the Government's figures on Bumi equity ownership.

"It is as if the non-Malays are disputing the rights of Malays when the Malays are not questioning non-Malay rights"

I never knew that putting forth perfectly valid questions was considered disputing the rights of the Malays. That in a nutshell, describes the problems our country is facing. So long as a certain segment of our sociaty see all the hand-outs they receive as a God given birth-right, and not as a crutch for them to get their act together, we will get nowhere.

And honestly, is there a need to phrase this question in such a questionable way? Why is there a need to pit the bumis against the non-bumis? Of course the bumis aren't questioning the rights of the non-bumis, we never had any race-specific rights to begin with!



Blogger mob1900 said...

That's our PM alrite, Primo Mobster. Ready to fuk(pardon me) us in the a$$ whenever possible. Ppl asking for basic arithmatic and he yells, "Disputing Rights!" wtf

You can't have 'rights' unless everyone agrees. Seems like 'Mr. Clean' is becoming an Iblis like he mentioned earlier. Bodowi Maju!

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Sam Hoo said...

You have the right to remain silent!
Anything u say will be used against u as proof of seditious acts against the nation and you will be arrested under the Internal Security Act!

Got it??!! Your rights!

5:48 PM  

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