Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Paintballing with MCA

Violence is good!

The MCA under-35 branch which I belong to organized a paintball event last week. The branch Chairman said that this event is aimed at encouraging more young adults under the age of 35 to get involved in politics via MCA. I suspect though that he and the rest of the committee were using that just as an excuse to send little balls of paint hurtling at each other's faces at over 300 feet per second.

Hey, at least its for a worthy cause :)

I managed to invite around 10 of my friends to come for this event. It wasn't that difficult though. All I had to do was whisper in their ear "Psstt, you can get to shoot Alvin" and they were sold. Of course, for Alvin I had to whisper "You can get to shoot Cheng Jin" instead, but it had the same effect.

Datuks and their speeches

The event was officiated by our Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai, and no, we were not allowed to shoot him (I am sure the thought did cross a lot of peoples minds..hyuk hyuk). As with all other Datuks, they have a fondness for giving long speeches. Thankfully, Datuk Liow was a very eloquent speaker and only around half of the people went to sleep during his speech.

Alright, I'm merely kidding. His speech was interesting enough and I am sure a lot of the young adults present were motivated to get more involved in voting and politics. He did mention a figure which was an eye opener. According to statistics, only around 27% of Chinese people below the age of 35 vote. That's a pretty dismal figure, especially considering that the Malays have close to 40%.

If this trend continues, soon there will be hardly any young Chinese voters and the whole country will end up under the control of PAS or something, and we definitely don't want that. If they came to power, all women will probably be required to wear burqas and walk 2 feet behind their husbands, and all men must grow moustaches and change their names to Ahmad or Ali or something.


For honour!!!

We were looking forward to the start of the matches. Any chance to cause pain and humiliation to our friends will be gladly welcomed. That's what you call brotherhood.

I mean c'monnn, how can you NOT want to cause grevious pain and injury to people who look like the above 3? Inviting eh...hahahahah.

In fact, one of us was so excited that he couldn't wait for the games to start to inflict his own brand of pain. Sensing an opportunity during a photo-session, he made his move and struck with such force and fury that it makes George Bush's Shock and Awe tactic seem like a stroll in a daisy covered park, with little lambs bleating in the distance.

Presenting the brave gladiators

For me, it was the first time attemting to do battle with itty-bitty balls. Normally, I do battle with my BIG balls but that's a different story. Me and my friends split into 2 teams of 5, called rather unimaginatively, GTRS and GTPJ. Those are actually the acronyms of our Church, Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya, and our Young Adult Service, Glad Tidings Revival Service. I know, those are funny names for a paintball team, but hey...there were other teams calling themselves 'Supra' (right Don?..heh heh) so I guess we are not the only unimaginative ones.

The place we played at, TT Sports Park in Subang, had some pretty cool gear. We were all provided with a brightly coloured overall, chest padding and a face mask. The overalls were pretty limited in terms of size though, and before long, the only sizes left were the small and extra-extra large ones. For the more oddly shaped amongst us, it was a problem.

Norman had to make do witha pair of overalls which looked more like paddle-pushers, plus he had to run around the playing field with half of the pants-bottom riding up his butt crack. It wasn't a very pleasing sight, especially for his teammates who started the game standing behind him.

Nai Paul on the other hand, underestimated his..ermm..girth..and tried to squeeze himself into an overall which was probably 2 sizes too small. As any guy can tell you, that's not being very kind to your family jewels.

In spite of all the fashion-related glithces, we were soon all suited up and ready to go. Before the games began, we came up with all sorts of fancy strategy and tactics which we will deploy in order to CRUSH OUR OPPONENTS! We had out flankers, shooters, and penetrators (it's not as gay as it sounds alright). It was so beautifully planned.

When the match actually began, it was a different story. Every bit of strategy which was discussed before hand evaporated and everybody began running around like headless chickens, shooting anything and everything that moves. Not very effective, but it was friggin a lot of fun =)

When the dust settles

After about 3 hours, with each team having played 3 separate matches, the points were tallied. Waddaya know, looks like we didn't suck that bad after all. Of course, I'm only speaking on behalf of my team, GTRS. GTPJ on the other hand sucked really bad. I dont need to say much, the picture above speaks for itself...muahahahah.

We ended the day extremely tired out, but in high spirits. Everyone had a great time, although Chen Jin did suffer an injury. It was quite bad actuall, but being the good friends that we were, we just stood around him laughing. Ah well, he'll live to fight another day.



Anonymous t0othfairie said...

alvin looks like ninja turtle.

2:42 PM  
Blogger dareNtiff said...

Where's the video of Alvin & the guys rolling around like a macho man? :)

Can see that u guys had loads of FUN.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Nai Paul said...


The genuine Rolling Stone award goes to the Guantanamo Yong ..unfortunately, Alvin who is supposedly trained by Australian military only managed to roll like Bollywood actors

12:37 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

t0ohthfairie: Ninja Turtle?..because of the vest he's wearing? or is it because of his face?...hahahah.

darentiff: I was too malas to edit and upload that video...hahahah.

nai paul: Bollywood rolling is pretty good also man. They can sing in key while rolling around a field, now THATS skill

9:00 AM  
Blogger Bernice said...

oh dear, poor Cheng Jin...

haha, and Eric is the "Invisible Man" because when he turns sideways, he simply dissapears!

10:44 AM  
Anonymous nai paul said...

the reason GTPJ team lost was because we didn't manage to capture the 'Eric aka the flag'..

i've never seen a flag as lively as him in the battlefield..

12:23 AM  
Blogger ::Lord Apprentice:: said...

geez man..i wanna join MCA too! hahaha

10:32 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

lord apprentice: Sure, you're always welcome to join Malaysia CHINESE Association...hahahah.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh Ninja turtle i may look like, but the reality is i am an man killing crocodile... and the rolling move is that of the "death roll"....Years of practice has got me thus far...

The infant crocodiles are best represented by no other than Guantamo Yongs "rolling in the flower garden" move...

6:24 PM  

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