Monday, August 29, 2005

'Am I Gay?'

Of Battyboys and Their Ilk

Woah, before you get all excited, let me clearly state that I am not in any way questioning my sexual-orientation. It's just that I've recently come across this blog posting which talked about Dr. Dobson's latest guide on how to tell if your child is gay. After reading through his list of so-called 'gay warning signs', I can't help but roll my eyes (figuratively of course. I can't roll my eyes in real life, and we all know that only gay guys can roll their eyes right?). Why? read the list below for yourself (the list below together with the comments were taken from this blog here)

1) Your boy has a strong feeling he is "different from other boys." As we all know, boys must feel exactly like all other boys, or else they are clearly homosexual.

2) "A tendency to cry easily, be less athletic, and dislike the roughhousing that other boys enjoy." Of course, on a relative scale, some boys are bound to be less athletic than others. Well, sorry. These boys are gay.

3) "A persistent preference to play female roles in make-believe play." When you see him play cowboys and Indians, and he wants to be the squaw... uh, oh.

4) "A strong preference to spend time in the company of girls and participate in their games and other pastimes." For example, boys must never play with their sisters. Isn't that the leading cause of homosexuality right there?

5) "A susceptibility to be bullied by other boys, who may tease them unmercifully and call them 'queer,' 'fag' and 'gay.'" Yes, parents, if the kid next door calls your son a fag, then he is. Four year-old neighbors have a sixth sense: They see gay people.

6) "A tendency to walk, talk, dress and even 'think' effeminately." Effeminate thinking is destroying our nation; someone better tell Condoleeza Rice.

7). "A repeatedly stated desire to be -- or insistence that he is -- a girl." This is the clearest sign. Apparently, your young homosexual will actually announce his sexual orientation by telling you, while drinking his juicy-juice, that he is actually a girl. Not a gay. A girl.

'Girly Men'

I understand what Dr.Dobson is trying to achieve here, but frankly I think his methods might be a bit misguided. The list above doesn't do anything other than oversimplify the whole issue of homosexuality. To call a boy who shuns rough activities a gay is just plain wrong. I know of many guys who might be considered 'soft' or 'effeminate' but they are certainly not gay in any way. However, if their parents had read the list above, they would have most probably been wisked off to some gay-therapist when they were young. Talk about tramautic.

Anyway, read through the actual post here. Pay attention to some of the comments, hilarious.

What are my views on homosexuality then? Where do I stand in the ongoing debate over 'nature vs nurture'? Are gays born they way they are, or does upbringing play a part in determining their sexual orientation? Is it wrong to be gay? Sorry to disappoint all you curious readers out there, but I think I'll save it for another post :)


Blogger Bernice said...

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Blogger Bernice said...

Personally, even though I know it's stated in the bible that homosexuality is wrong, I refuse to encourage behaviour that leads to the continual opression of gay people. I constantly hear from others that gay people are going to go to hell. I'm no bible expert, but does it actually say in the bible that once you commit a sin you are going to go straight to the fiery pits of hell? If that's true, then that means we are ALL going to hell because we've all lied, some of us have stealed, all of have at least once disrespected out parents. I believe that my God is merciful and he forgives. So, maybe homosexuality is wrong, but if you're judging him/her for their sexual orientation, you'll be sitting right next to them on the ride to purgatory. I've had people tell me that I must not believe in God because I do not stand with them in condemning homosexuals. If I'm seen as being "un-Christian" for caring for God's fellow children, then fine, call me an un-Christian. God knows what is in my heart and that's good enough for me. ......*WHEW* heavy comment

4:54 AM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

You canot have a close relationship with God if you willingly and knowingly live a life of sin. True, everyone sins. We're all sinners by nature, but as long as there is a recognition of our wrong doing, and a longing to get it right with God, God will be gracious and just to forgive. For example, lets say I am addicted to drugs, but I know that it is wrong and I continually ask God for forgiveness and the strength to change, I believe that God will have favor upon me and help me to rid myself of this habit. However, if i were to ignore the teachings in the bible and insist on continuing with such a lifestyle, I am permanently building a wall between myself and God. Ultimately, God doesn't care how 'perfect' we are, or how 'faultless' we are...what matters to God is out heart. Is our heart really for him?

Anyway, I agree with you on the point of 'homosexual discrimination'. We as Christians have no right to judge or to condemn a fellow human being. Aren't we all sinners in our own way? What would Jesus do in this situation? Jesus spent his years on earth reaching out to the very people whom some so called Christians 'reject'. The lepers, the prostitues, the tax collectors etc. Let us try out best to be like Christ and to show his love every chance we get.

The main debate which is raging on about homosexuality nowadays is the 'nature vs nurture' debate. Are gays born the way they are? or are they a result of a conscious moral decision made by the individual? I believe that homosexuality is wrong, and that nobody is born gay. True, some people are born with a higher tendency to become homosexual (just like how some people are more prone to lust, more prone to violence, anger, depression etc) BUT that does not give us a reason to embrace such things.

To me, saying a person is born gay is the same as saying a person is born an adulterer, therefore his/her actions are permissible because hey, he/she was born that way. Instead of relying on such reasoning to justify a person's behavior, we should instead look to God for strength to overcome our inherent weaknesses.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Bernice said...

I've struggled with nurture vs. nature for a really long time. I'm still struggling with trying the grasp the fullness of it. I believe that everyone comes into this earth innocent. And I do believe that it's stated by the Bible that homosexuality that it is a sin. So in theory, I would think that God would not create someone who lives an disapprovable lifestyle. On the other hand, I don't believe that gay people make a concious choice to become gay. I think it comes from someplace within. And yes, they do not have to embrace these tendencies, but your sexual orientation seems too big of a deal to keep hidden forever. On some level, I think that God would want us to be ourselves. I don't think that a person can live their life happily if they cannot do what would make them truly happy. I feel like I'm going back and forth on the issue, but I'm really not. I don't condemn homosexuality. I just can't bring myself to. I love God, I believe in God, but I just can't bring myself to disapprove. I believe that I can touch more people by loving others no matter the situation, instead of condemning them simply because society deems them as sinners. It just troubles me that so many Christians show their disapproval in the most inappropriate ways. For example, there was a Christian activist here who was holding up signs that said "AIDS cures fags." NOT COOL Nobody derserves to have that directed to them. It's hurtful and mean, and just plain "un-christianly"

11:48 AM  
Blogger pooh said...

Fagatrons and trannies are different things altogether.

Look at Ha-ri-su, the ever famous and sexiest licensed operation sex change.
It was a he, then she. Shimbo is the word.

Shim's now more popular than other Korean artiste, more gorgeous than Pamela Anderson and her sexuality oozes out feminism.

Gays are alright. But don't regret if you chopped your dangly stuffs.

Beautiful Boxer thought me alot of things.

They were rejected as a son, so they rather be accepted as a woman.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude! Like the points were totally talking about my bros.. hahaha... NoRm..

1:12 AM  
Anonymous NoRm said...

On a more serious note, I dont believe we're born completely innocent. We inherit a nature that is sinful from Adam & Eve n forefathers etc etc... Its just that at a younger age, we have less power to make experience/knowledge-based decision hence cannot be held responsible. We were built in His image, n He was a sHimbo. Haha.. So maybe we should take a long hard look at ourselves beyond the physical realm n find the bottom 90% of our true selves (ice-berg theory?. haha). Fagatrons dont get there without the help of some experiences in their lives or the lives of their family. Go ahead n probe and ask around. I know a couple of homos that got there un-naturally. And that spirit is still within them. So thats all they know. Without that spirit, im 100% sure they can be completely and utterly happy with a 'straight' life. So hate the spirit but not the person. Why hate when we can love...

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