Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz - Brilliant Man or Buffoon?

A Thorn Amongst the Roses

People who know me would know that I don't particularly care for our local politicians. To me, most of them are as dull as dishwater. True, some of them have interesting nick names like 'Tiger Lee', but when you come down to it, the whole lot of them are practically identicial with regards to their policies, views and *shock horror* even their looks as well. it just my imagination, or do all the top guys in MCA sport the same oblong hairdo, wear chunky-framed oh-so-yesterday glasses, and come clad in identical pastel shirts?

Ahh, but there is hope. Amidst a sea of yawn-inducing politicians, there is but one who stands out. A man who is unlike any other. A man who's IQ level is a perfect 10. A man who's insightful comments are sure to send any educated, sane person into fits of rolling-on-the-floor-while-clutching-tummy laughter.

Ladies and Gents, the person I am referring to is none other than our dear Kelantan Menteri Besar, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. Let's give it up for Nikki! *clap clap*

Say What?

I am sure you've heard of this man. The spiritual leader of PAS, menteri besar of Kelantan, husband of goodness-knows how many wives, and an all round 'intellectual' *bwahahah*.

Yes, he who uttered such classic lines as, and I paraphrase, "Education is bad because it makes the criminals smarter"

Or "The Malays in Malaysia are like the Jews because they don't accept the Islamic State concept that PAS proposed"

And in case you're wondering, yes he's the same guy who said that non-muslim males should literally have their eyes amputated in order to reduce sex crimes.

C'mon, is the guy a comic genius or what? Bill Cosby and Jerry Sienfeld, read it and weep!

For The Sake Of Old Virgins

Recently, our dear ol' Nik Aziz was quoted again in the newspapers. This time, it was with regards to his 'grave concern' for aging virgin women.

Basically, he said this.

"All wives should keep in mind the 'problems' faced by aging virgin women, whose number has increased in the contry, and not stop their husband from marrying again"

These wives he said, should not prevent their husbands' plans by reacting angrily as long as the latter could afford to take another wife. He went on to say "Just think of the situation faced by the aged virgin. She will be forced to remain unmarried when in actual fact, there is a man who desires (aka lust) after her. Wives should thus give these men room. These things will not be resolved as long as wives only seek to fulfil their own desires but not think of their husbands' desires as well"

Classin ain't it? Why, even Socrates himself could not have come up with such 'insight' into the ills of society. You have to wonder, how in the world does somebody living in the 21st century manage to come up with such, to put it nicely, 'strange' views? Alright, his views are plain hogwash and scary at the same time. Hogwash because you can just about picture a bunch of pigs rolling about in a pool of his views, and scary because this is not some random, crazy fellow who's wandering along the streets. He is a Menteri Besar of a State in our country! A man of privilege, a man who by all means should know better!

So what do you propose Mr. Nik Aziz? That all married men go around looking for virgins to de-flower in the name of all that is good and pure? I know sleeping with as many virgins as possible remain your lifelong dream and ambition, but not every guy is as perverted and sexually-obsessed as you my dear menteri. Yes, it may come as a shock to you (and it might overload your stunted intellect) but some guys actually do want to...and listen closely now...stay committed to the woman they love.

Anyhow, these are only my personal views. I wonder what the rest of Malaysians think about such comments by a Menteri Besar. Which brings me back to my original question,

A brilliant man or a buffoon?



Blogger aznijar said...

I am sorry that you felt that way.

I have high regards for Nik Abdul Aziz, what-ever the media say about him. He's pleasing nobody except his Creator.

Why don't you get to know him personally and get to know your own answer to your question. Try visiting him at his home.

Please do take my suggestion.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Ah Pek said...

waaa.. i don like politics but that fellow relly got say like that meh? he is mentri besar wor. how can talk like taht one?

3:18 PM  
Blogger Bernard Yong said...

Thanks for your feedback aznijar. It's always nice to receive a polite, well thought out reply.

I dont think I'll have the chance to ever get to know Nik Aziz personally though ...heheh. And just to clarify myself, I never said he wasn't nice. I am sure he is nice and friendly as most Malays are :)

However, I just disagree with some of his views. Ah well, that's the good thing about Malaysia I guess. We're all free to have our own views and opinions. Happy Merdeka!

ah pek: Yea, you can see stuff about him once in awhile in the newspapers.

8:50 AM  
Blogger aznijar said...


Thank you for appreciating my feedback.

I guess it's always good to provide feedback constructively, and in proper language of normal acceptable standard. Being polite in writing would also reflects one's own behaviour in real life.

Hope it has been of some help, :)

Do try to find time to know Nik Abdul Aziz. He's not that young, you know, ;) Time might not be on your side!

2:13 PM  

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