Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sad day in Malaysia


The verdict for Lina Joy's case is out, and it does not surprise me one bit. Sad though, but expected.

Is the concept of 'freedom of choice' so alien to Muslims around the world? Why is it that day in, day out we read endless reports on how people are being hacked to death, blown up to bits, arrested by the government for even giving the slightest sliver of a thought to the renouncement of their Muslim faith? Sure, every religion has its fair share of narrow-minded zealots, but on a scale such as this? Do Muslims really believe that religion can be 'forced' upon someone?

Those questions are swirling around in my mind, but the answers to them continue to prove elusive.


Friday, May 18, 2007

My Fair Lady

Oh Professor Higgins

My Fair Lady was excellent! - and no I am not referring to the 350Z. My girlfriend and I got hold of some Citigold tickets to catch the show last night and boy am I glad we did.

I grew up loving the movie My Fair Lady, with all its English idiosyncracies, enchanting musical scores and captivating performances by Hepburn, Harrison and Hyde-White as Doolittle, Higgins and Pickering respectively. I still remember how my sis and I would watch the show and attempt to memorize all the lyrics of the songs, which we'll then proceed to sing at the top of our lungs to the annoyance of our mother (and neighbors no doubt).

We loved it so much we even bought the sound track, twice! (quite common back then, knowing how 'durable' casette tapes were). Even after having listened to the songs so many times, the lyrics still have the ability to crack me up. Who can forget the line about the hairy pest from Budapest. Hilarious! *chuckle*

The musical play truly managed to capture the magic and occasion of the original, and I was totally spellbound throughout the show. I would seriously recommend this show to all those of you who grew up with the musical, you won't regret it!