Friday, December 07, 2007

Another week goes by

Uh uh uh, another week bites the dust

I just got an SMS from a friend saying that the new movie by Disney, 'Enchanted' is really good. Hmm....must make the time to catch it one day. I've always been a sucker for Disney movies. Yes, even the mundane ones like Tarzan.

Speaking of time, gosh is it Friday already?? I know I should be doing cartwheels of joy right now in the middle of my office, but I've grown so jaded when it comes to weekends. Sure, you are literally walking on air when you leave work on a Friday night, but before you know it, you're stuck in a traffic jam on a Monday morning, inching your way back to the office with a severe case of Monday morning blues.

Better to just work right through the weekends eh?

Acckkk....I can't believe I said that, but you have to admit that there is some sliver of truth in it.

Heresy, I know.