Thursday, November 29, 2007

Halo, is it me you're looking for?...

I can see it in your eyessss....

Quite a number of people have been bugging me to update my blog. They accused me of gross 'blog' negligence and threatened to mogok in front of my house if they did not see a new post within the next 7 days.

Well, those threats were made weeks ago and I still do not see any placard carrying loons on my front porch. But better not take the chance eh.

People who actually enjoy reading my rubbish blog must be a bit otak-tak-center. And who knows what otak-tak-center people may do when deprived of the only thing which gives them joy and meaning in life?

I can see it in your smileeEEee...

I have a confession to make.

I told people that the reason why I put my blogging activities on hold was because of the mountain of work I have to wade through on a daily basis at the office. I told sob stories of how time-strapped I was, and watched as their eyes glistened with tears as I shared epic stories of how I heroically struggled to meat dastardly deadlines.

Ok, I may have exaggerated a little there.

Yes, my workload is bordering on the insane. But I am such a productive worker (cue laugh track) that I somehow manage to miraculously complete everything on time. So what is the reason then?

My absence from the blogosphere can basically be traced to the presence of a shiny little disc with the magical words 'Halo 3' inscribed upon it.

Ahhh, just saying those words gives me goose-bumps.

"Halo 3"


You're all I've ever wanted, and my arms are open wiDeeEeEe....

For those of you who do not know what Halo is, I would like to thank you for taking the time to crawl out from under your rock to read my blog.

Halo 3 is THE defining pop-culture icon of the 21st century! The biggest video game franchise ever! The MAIN REASON why 85% of the American male population decided to put off marriage (and for some cases, even sex) so that they can finish collecting all those elusive little skulls!

Even during one of my recent clubbing outings, my mind kept wandering to gravity hammers, beat-downs and macho, helmet-wearing super soldiers. This, in-spite of all the scantily clad females milling about the dance-floor (ahhh...who needs em' when you've got Master Chief)

Cause you know just what to sayyYyyYy....

If you still don't know what this Halo thing I'm referring to is, let me explain it to you in more simple terms.

Halo is basically this video game right, where you play this genetically enhanced super soldier called Master Chief right, who like never takes of his helmet and is super cool right, and whose task is to run around the game shooting anything that moves.


Somehow it sounds strangely mundane when I put it that way eh.

Ok, how about this, you also get cool little grenades which you can 'stick' on your enemies...ermm ... and you also get to ride a 4-wheeled quad-bike, so that you can y'know, get around the map .... faster.

Still sounds mundane? Oh well, at least I tried.

And you know just what to dooOoO...

I guess mere words can't explain the fun to be had from having a match against friends and players from all over the world. It really IS fun, trust me. The thrill of victory, of solidarity, of unity!

Ahhh...if only we could get the President Bush, Ahmadinejad, Putin and Osama onto the same team for a round of Halo Team Slayer, why...we would have world peace!!

Maybe, maybe...we can even do away with wars entirely! All national disputes will be settled in a no-holds barred round of Halo where each country will send their 4 best players to do battle to the virtual death! How cool is that?

And I want to tell you so muchhh, I love youUuUUu!

So not only does Halo have what it takes to keep millions of people enthralled around the world, it could possibly be THE answer to man-kinds suffering.

Now how cool is THAT :)