Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pearle's Birthday


That shower felt good.

By the time I got home it was around mid-night....far too late for a decent shower.

Alright confession time, usually when I get home late, I'll just throw on some old clothes and plonk myself straight onto bed. Yes yes, with gel-ed hair and all.

Don't look at me all shocked and horrified! Haven't you occasionally given in to the temptations of the pillow and skipped a bath? It can be such a bother having to wash up sometimes hor (or am I the only one who feels this way?).

Not this time though. My mom just got me a new set of bed sheets and I sure ain't gonna risk her wrath by dirtying them.

One thing you'll learn about my mom, don't mess with her when it comes to keeping the house clean. ...EVER!

Another one bites the dust

Yet another one of my friends has passed the mid-20s point.

No longer can she claim to be in her mid 20s. No longer can she tick the third box which states '20 to 25 years old'. No longer will 30 seem like such a long time away!

Welcome to the dark side...*evil laughter*!!

(above: Happy birthdayyyyyy!!! This is what passes as a birthday 'cake' to my friends.)

(above: Pearle and I. Hard to believe I've known her for more than 15 years now. She hasn't changed though, still as blur as ever :)

(above: Yi Yin was supposed to open her mouth wide for this shot, but you know girls lah...sometimes so shy)

(above: Daniel learns never to mess with a pregnant woman.)

(above: With Alvin not around, Chern Yuan's kissy lips had to find a new target....which in this case happened to be Roy. Poor dude )


Monday, August 27, 2007

Must Be Enterprising...Urkkk!!

What to do what to do...

I was browsing through an article in Fortune about young entrepreneurs and CEOs when I was smacked with the realization that most of these guys (and gals) were younger than me!

It may not sound like much but it's really quite a big deal!!

OK, I can get quite excitable when it comes to things like this but bear with me for a moment here.

Those young brats

I remember a time not too long ago... every time I picked up and read an article about how some young fellow founded a company from his basement/garage/bedroom/(fill in other obscure places here), and how it then proceeded to balloon into some multi-billion company, one of the first things I would notice would be the person's age when he first founded the company.

Michael Dell, 19 years old....Jerry Yang, 27.....Bill Gates, 20......Chad Hurley, 28.....argghhh!!!

Most of the time, they would be a couple of years older than me. I'd then heave a sigh of relief and console myself, saying that I still have a couple more years to conjure up my million dollar idea.

Well that was then and now is now.

Now that I've reached a ripe old age of 27 (to put it more accurately, I'm 26 PLUS)....that no longer applies.

Where is my brilliant flash of inspiration? Where is my gazillion dollar idea? Where where where??!!

Write down all your ideas, that's what they always say...

I used to take this so seriously. I'd jot down in-depth notes of every single business idea and looney concept which crossed my mind - faithfully saving them into a folder on my PC marked 'Ideas' (I changed the folder icon into a little lightbulb thingy...brilliant eh). True, a lot of them were pretty far-out (alright, some were really crap!), but there were one or two which I really thought had potential.

Some I actually invested the time and money to pursue, with varying degrees of success - and failures. But what the heck was failure anyway? Back then, it sure wasn't something to shy away from, although my bank account did take quite a big hit from it.....hahah...

...hah hah.....ermm...


Keep on dreamin'

What ever happened to the youthful energy and boundless optimism? Nowadays I find myself becoming more and more conservative in my goals and ambitions...noooo!! I'm becoming one of those old, complacent codgers which I used to poke fun at!


I realise that as we grow older, it becomes ever more important to hang on to our dreams... no matter how idealistic or naive they may seem to be to other people, heck even to ourselves! How easily we settle for whatever we have currently in hand, especially if whatever we currently have comes with a big fat paycheck. I admit, guilty as charged.

Well, all is not lost. Ray Kroc only began putting McDonalds on its growth path when he was a ripe old age of 53.

That leaves me another 26 years to go. Plenty of time to think up of something. :)


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Superbad - Penis Drawing

Watch the clip above, it's bloody hilarious. It's the first time I've even heard of this movie called 'Superbad' by Sony Pictures but already I'm aching to watch it. It should be a barrel of laughs.

'Dick Devil'....LMAO!

Find out more about the movie here

Malaysiaku Gemilang?

I hereby dub thee....

I finally got my MCA membership card, 1-year after signing up. Yes, I know that in this time and age, waiting a year for anything borders on the ludicrous but hey, it's a political party not a private enterprise.

I should consider myself lucky. There was some poor chap who still hasn't received his card, 5 years after signing up.... the poor sod.

The press were there to cover the ceremony, and apparently my face appeared in the China Press newspaper. I wouldn't know though since I don't read the China Press due to the fact that the only part of the paper I can read is the top right-hand corner where the date is displayed. Ah yes, I know my Mandarin numerical characters like the back of my hand *smug*.

Haemorrhaging Patriotism

Lately, I haven't been as active in MCA as I would have liked. The all-consuming pressures of work can sometimes leave precious little time to engage in any other activities. However, there were some recent events highlighted in our news which caused me to take a step back and focus on why I joined MCA in the first place.

I still remember it so clearly. Call it naive patriotism if you may, but I first joined MCA simply because I wanted to make a difference, to stand up against the encroaching racial and religious discrimination in Malaysia, to speak out against what I perceive to be gross injustices perpetuated by the government against the non-Bumi community.

There were so many things I wanted to many things that I thought could be done...

Then the battering began.

Day in day out, it never ceases.

Our deputy PM declares that Malaysia is not a secular state but an Islamic nation, despite it being stated so clearly in our country's constitution that Malaysia has, and always will be a secular nation....

The UMNO vilify Chinese schools as being harbingers of racial disunity, while at the same time clamoring for more local universities and colleges to be designated for 'Bumis only'....

The government talks about religious tolerance in the press, but not a single a mention was given to the other religions while the word 'Islam' and 'Muslim' was repeated over 20 times....

I could go on and on.

Honestly, in such situations, it is so easy to just detach yourself from it all. To just not give a damn, to just carry on with your daily routines and let other people worry about it .... because after all, it has always been this way and it always will isn't it?

For awhile, the thought of just not caring did cross my mind. But then I was reminded of this quote I read in an article, and the quote goes like this...

"The greatest tragedy of the 21st century is not tyranny, or racism, or greed...but indifference"

The moment we become indifferent to the pleas of our fellow men, to their suffering, to the injustice that permeates our society.... that is when we've lost touch of what it is to be human.

No way am I gonna let that happen to me. It's time to buck up.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Return of the Yong

It's been awhile...

I'm backkkkkkkk!!! Gosh, how long has it been? I'm sorry but the past few weeks have left me precious little time to blog. Work assignments and projects keep coming one after the other like some sort of freakish tsunami. Not that I'm complaining though...more projects basically means more moolah, and you can never have too much of that eh ;)

Quite a lot has happened in the past few weeks so I won't even bother trying to recap it (such an easy cop out eh...hyuk hyuk). Instead, I'll just post some pictures of some of the more memorable events which transpired in my absence from this blog.

Chi Yen & Daren's wedding

In what will definitely be one of the most memorable weddings for me, my old friend of umpteen years, Chia Chi Yen, tied the knot with Daren Woon. It's a match made in heaven really :) My heartiest congrats to the newly married couple!

(above: My first childhood friend to get married....tai ko lui ler!)

(above: When was the last time you saw a bride and groom perform at their own wedding? Both of them are awesome guitarists)

(above: Sit Fong, Fean, Hazel and Valerie (left to right))

(clockwise from top left: Yi Yin, Julie, Li-Ann, Angie)

(above: Apparently, guys aren't very creative when it comes to dressing. Everywhere you look, it's yet another guy wearing a striped shirt)

(above: Janice sang amazingly well, I on the other hand made a lot of amazing mistakes)

(above: Alvin's hands are mysteriously drawn to his nipples)

Klue Blue Chili Award

My girlfriend got nominated for the Klue Blue Chili Award a couple of weeks ago. This award basically seeks to recognize young individuals who have achieved a significant amount of success in whatever fields they are involved in.

Chor's Farewell

It seems that everyone is going abroad to further their career. The past couple of weeks saw another one of my friends leave for, where else, Australia to work. Being the good friends that we were, we decided to drag him for a karaoke session to torture him with our singing. Serves him right for ditching us here in Malaysia.

(above left to right: Samuel, some unknown dude, Chor and Julius)

(above: Julius singing what it truly means to be lonely)

(above: Although it looks like it, we're not in pain. Really)