Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh Raya, How I Miss Thee

Monday Morning

'All good things must come to an end'

How true that saying is - and that's precisely why I hate the holidays.

Short, single-day holidays are never long enough for you to catch up on all the goofing off you've been planning to do, and long festive holidays only serve to highlight the contrast between the freedom of holidays and the drudgery of work when they inevitably end.

There's no win-win situation I tell ya.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Alvin & Angie

Getting married in the morning...

Here's a photo-post which is dedicated to Alvin Koh and my brudder Angie Looh, who recently tied the knot.

Congrats on your union!

May there be many many babies a-coming!

What would a Chinese wedding be without the Chong Moon session?...

...Hint, it'd probably be a lot less painful for these unsuspecting dudes. On to the first challenge!!....

...Presenting Ah Kei, a close cousin of Alvin, he has a fetish for granny panties.

Apparently, Eugene likes granny panties too. He says they make him feel like a snug bug in a rug...ooeerrrr

The alphabets are a bit distorted due to the different sized posteriors, but it basically reads 'Alvin *Loves* Angie'. Only a female mind can come up with such evil.

Getting past the singing undewear stage, Alvin is faced with yet another locked door.... "Yoo hoo, where did all my heng tai go?"

The other challenges were pretty standard, revolving around the ingestion of ungodly amounts of gross liquid goo (they claim it's herbal) and what-not. Here, we see our brave hero finally making it into the house....

...where more horror awaits! Zounds!!...what is that guy doing to poor Ah Kei??!

In spite of it all, Ah Kei still managed a feeble smile for the camera. Champion ler the fellar.

The guys suffering weren't in vain after all, as Alvin finally got what he came for...and I don't mean Halo.

According to the aunty, this concoction is supposed to be good for newly weds *ahem ahem*. I guess Alvin will have to let us know about its effectiveness *cough choke wheeze*.

Norman, Me, Ah Kei and Daniel...

Hazel, Janice, Jean and Sit Fong..


On to the chapel!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white. Mr Looh couldn't have looked happier :)

The exchanging of rings and vows.

The laying of hands in prayer.

Sean with Renee and Caitlyn. Sooooo adorable!...and the 2 baby girls are quite cute as well!

Dinner at Maya

The time before dinner began proper is always good for a spot of photo-taking. As always, there's never a shortage of people willing to pose.

What happened to the days where people were camera shy...

Julie, Janice and Yi Yin.

The bouncer (right) and the bouncee (left)...geddit? *hyuk hyuk*.

Simon and Charlotte.

Eu Jin and Tiffany.

And here we have the committee members of the Guys-Against-Hair-Association.

Notice the difference between the bride and the girls in this picture...

...and the groom and the guys in this one. We told Alvin that he needn't worry, since it was his wedding night and we wouldnt feel right violating him before his bride had a chance to.

Our reassuring words didn't make a smidgen of difference tho', and he instinctively reverted to his foetal-like defensive position.

Obviously, the atmosphere of love and companionship was too much for some guests to bear, and caused them to explode in an amorous fit of frenzy.

I waited till Jon had cooled down before taking a picture with him. You can't be too careful around him you know.

Yi-Ki, May Vern and Hwee Yen.

Oliver and Cheng Jin aka Harry aka Uncle Lim.