Monday, April 30, 2007

I Hate the Holidays!

Ooga Ooga

Now before you go thinking that I am some work-obsessed peon with nary a social life, let me first say that I love holidays with a vengeance. In fact, the slightest whiff of a holiday is enough to elevate me to a higher state of consciousness, and send me running around my garden clad in nothing but a bamboo leaf skirt whilst tossing grains of rice into the air in homage to God, and how in His divine wisdom saw fit to bless us lowly homosapiens with the abstract concept of a holiday.

Ah yes, holidays. Lovely things indeed.

Not this holiday however. You know how Murphy's Law goes right? That things will somehow conspire against you at the most inopportune of times. Well, this is one of those times. In the entire year, the very one period which I do NOT want to have any holidays suddenly gets peppered with 3 off days! And each day off means that I'll have to wait a further 24 hours before getting my hands on my new baby...*sighhhh*

First, we have the King's coronation. I mean c'monnnnnn! Just toss the darn sash over his shoulder, dump the crown on his head and be done with it. Need we declare a national holiday just for that? *grumble grumble*

Secondly, who's genius idea was it to put Labor day on the 1st of May? Of all days in the year, why 1st of May? I think it's utter bollocks. I hereby declare that Labor Day shall be on some arbitrary date such as the 14th of May, or the day after I get the keys to my new car, whichever comes last.

Thirdly, I think that all banks should be forced to stay open 7 days a week irregardless of holidays. Just think about it, banks are very important businesses!! What if a poor little old lady desperately needed to withdraw RM50,000 in order to pay off a loan shark who is after her for not repaying the loan she took to purchase crucial medication, and found that she could not due to the fact that all the banks were closed??! Loan sharks are vicious fellows, even towards lil' old ladies *shudder*.

In light of this compelling argument, I hereby decree that banks be required to stay open....forever! Muaahahah!

Alright, I'm babbling on here. My notions are rubbish, and I guess I'll just have to wait like every other single person for the banks to reopen their crummy doors on Thursday morning and continue processing my car loan. In the meantime, I'll just continue to stare morosely at these pictures, waiting for the day till it's finally parked on my front porch.

I hate waiting :P

For the less car savvy amongst you, the car you see below is a Silvia S15 (no, it's not a Putra :P), imported fresh from Japan. It cost me RM150K, which means I'll probably have to spend the next few years hanging around chinese coffee shops during lunch hour and subsisting on the bits of yee mee and kuay teow which fell off the wok. But's worth it :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Goodbye to Old Faithful

A GTi till the very end

In approximately a week or so, I'll be saying goodbye to my trusty Satria GTi, a car that has served me well for over 2 and a half years.

A car which accompanied me on journeys up north and down south...

On twisty, snaking roads and arrow straight highways....

From the congestion of city traffic to the free-open spaces of Malaysia's rolling terrain.

We went through a lot, this car and I. In all of this, the car never once complained. Faithfully whirring its motor to life every morning with an enthusiastic bark, it served as my daily commute day after day and when the roads called for it, it still managed to heroically cling to the corners, all four wheels squealing with pure abandon.

Motoring thrills don't get much cheaper and more compact than this. From the very first day that I had it till now, it was and still remains a true-blue Gran Turismo Iniezione.

It'll definitely be missed.

God is Great

I didn't expect to be changing cars this year actually. I've always planned to keep my GTi until I've successfully achieved several career & financial goals I set for myself when I started working a few years back. Little did I know then that these goals would be met, with much thanks and glory to God, before I turned 30.

Psalm 37:4 - ‘Delight thyself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart’

The verse above is amazing isn't it? We always think that somehow, when asked to trust and follow God, we'll be required to live a life full of suffering and material inadequacy. The verse above is really encouraging to me as it shows that not only does Jesus love you, but He cares about the things you love as well.

So take heart in the verse above! It's not like I've achieved super rich-dom, or like I'm replacing my GTi with a Ferrari or anything, but I do believe that this is just one of God's blessings and that He has many more in store for those who have faith in Him.



Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ah Zel's Birthday

The clock is ticking

Another year, another friend joins me in the age where you can no longer claim to be in your 'mid-twenties'. Like a Grim Reaper of time, it viciously sucks us down an ever quickening spiral of senescence and senility. There is no escape, it takes no prisoners.

Having said that, it is good to have the company of friends on this journey, and as we grow old and gray, we can always look back and laugh at the days gone by.

Melodrama aside, the person I'm referring to is Hazel. An old friend of mine, we recently celebrated her birthday at the Friendster cafe.

The warning above is true! She IS the main cause for all sorts of meteorological malarkey, in fact I think she caused the forest fire which almost killed Bambi.

(above: Run Bambi run!!!)

Being a Monday night, only a few of us managed to make it but we still had loads of fun. There were 2 reasons for celebration that night, one was the aforementioned birthday, the other is Dan the Man's promotion! Looks like his manly charm works on lady bosses as well eh. Congrats to you dude!

I told Daniel that with great power comes great responsibility, and great chicks as well. He liked the part about the chicks.

Speaking of career advancements, we also unanimously decided that Chern Yuan's - after going through the best Oxford could offer - best career prospects lay in being a Petroleum Lube Engineer. His job scope would be to engineer the best lube in order to reduce friction when a hard shaft is inserted in and out a tight opening.....oerrrrr.

Alvin got very excited about the idea. Methinks he probably wants to be Chern Yuan's lab assistant, and help with him the lube experiments and prototyping.

Go figure.

While the guys were busy discussing the finer points of lube and why motorcycle riding is responsible for so many detached testicles, the girls were busy calling Sit Fong 'Gan Sit Fong', causing her to erupt in an explosion of uncontrolled bloodlust.

I didn't photoshop the picture below. The reddish tinge really did comefrom Sit Fong as a result of her rage. Scary stuff.

Oh well, here are some of the other pictures taken that night. Enjoy.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Yes, I am still alive

Blood, Sweat, Tears & Chocolate Cakes

Some of my readers complained that I haven't been updating my blog regularly enough and were wondering whether was I still alive or have I been arrested by the ISA for disturbing the peace with my recent nude run down Bukit Bintang Street.

Piqued your interest now did I?...LOL

Ok, imaginary nude runs aside, my schedule has been increasingly packed as of late and I have precious little time to even pick up the newspapers, let alone blog. In fact, I've been practicing holding in my 'chocolate cake' so that instead of sitting on the throne for 10 minutes every day, I now only have to go once a week. True, this may not be good for my health, and my butt always feels like a meriam buluh just detonated within, but it saves me precious minutes - minutes which I am now using to type this post all because of YOU!

I tell you, the pain I go through for you.

Deuce Bigalow

I recently met this guy during work, while we were discussing possible ways to form a strategic partnership. Sounds like serious stuff right? But in spite of the 'seriousness' of the discussion, I had a terrible time trying to stifle my laughter every time his name was mentioned. Think I'm juvenile? Wait till you see his name below...

Yup, his name is MANHORE. I don't know about you, but that sounds too similar to MANWHORE for my liking. At first, I was reluctant to pronounce his name like how it was spelled, instead opting for the more 'polite' pronunciation of MAN-OR but he politely corrected me and it was then that I almost lost it.

Manhore. *chuckle*